Friday, July 13, 2012

Mitzy Mitsubishi Meets Her Younger Sister : Part Two

Mitzy Mitsubishi Meets Her Younger Sister:
Part Two

After my decision to not fix my car was decided on a Wednesday, I drove home and laid in bed and cried.

Cried an ugly cry. 

Not like those silent cries you have when you have a difficult conversation with your boyfriend at 11:30 pm on the phone, but rather one of those ugly cries like when you have to put your pet to sleep(I am thankful not to have been in this situation). Tears and sobs and snot and mascara, meet my pillow.

By deciding not to repair my Mitzy, I felt like I was giving up on her after 10 years of loving companionship.

An hour later, I decided that feeling bad for myself wasn't going to fix my situation, so I found my neighbor Kris and he drove me to buy new spark plugs at Auto Zone so that I could buy some time with Mitzy(which I installed BY MYSELF!  with some supervision) and then to our local Carmax so that I could see many car options at one place.

Ya' car was twelve years old, and for ten years, she was mine.  I hadn't had much experience with new cars, and I thought most of the ones I could afford were to curvy.  Based on looks alone, I hade decided that I wanted a black Kia Forte, and that was that.

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Upon driving a Kia Forte at Carmax, I was unimpressed.  SO unimpressed.  I would rather keep driving Mitzy than pay for the Forte.  I wanted to have a spark with the Forte, but there was none.
Kind of like that boy you date only because he's nice and buys you flowers. But really, who cares if he's nice, if you don't like him?  And you better not marry him because you're destined to have an uninteresting life filled with tepid conversation and infrequent sex.
That being said, I moved on from the Forte before we ever even went to Olive Garden.

Am I still talking about cars?

But Forte no.


Fallon said...

I'm sorry Brandi. Getting rid of an old car is hard. I hope you find a car that is more your style than the unimpressive Kia Forte. Maybe another MItsubishi?

Brandi said...

I did find a car and I do rather like her! The outcome of this epic story will be posted soon!

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