Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mitzy Mitsubishi Meets Her Younger Sister : Part One

Mitzy Mitsubishi Meets Her Younger Sister:
Part One

One short month ago, I noticed that my dearly beloved Mitzy(who I wrote about here) was idling roughly, so I took her into the shop to see what the problem was.
I dropped her off on a Monday morning, and had not heard back by Wednesday at noon what the problem was, even after I called and asked twice.   They knew I needed my car by Wednesday afternoon, and I guess I expected better service from a "reputable" shop, whose name reminds me of a pasta sauce.  If you're in the Baton Rouge area, you might know which shop I'm referring to.

Finally at two pm, someone called to let me know that I had a broken valve cover, broken gasket, and an oil leak, which was making my spark plugs fire incorrectly.  My car had been running on three cylanders, and couldn't handle she was shaking.

I picked her up around four thirty, paid a $70.00 "diagnostic fee"(which I wonder if they could have charged me for if I would've just picked up my car at noon without any diagnosis), and declined paying $500 dollars to repair those problems on my 12 year old car, worth about $1000 at a shop that had only pissed me off. 

I had decided not to fix my Mitz, and to begin that journey to new-car-ownership.
For the first time ever.
What was I getting myself into?

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