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Best Friendship

Best Friendship

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Best frienship.
In elementary school you thought you would only have one for the rest of your life, and you made bracelets to show to the world who your best friend was.
Or maybe you didn't, but you still had that special friend that you could share just about anything with.  Different than boyfriends or husbands, these ladies keep us grounded. 
Then a little thing called life happens, situations change, and people grow apart.

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I've had a few best friends in my short life.
My mom stayed home with me for all of my toddler/preschool years, so when I started kindergarten, I was ridiculously shy, but somehow, I managed to become friends with another little girl during that first year of school.  She was just fantastic, and I hear she is doing well and has two children of her own.  Her little girl, who is about to start kindergarten herself, looks just like her Mom.

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During elementary school and junior high, I was best friends with another girl. We played littlest pet shop, jumped on her trampoline , and had sleepovers where we would stay up all night playing Super Nintendo or watching The Lion King.  On hot Louisiana Summer days, we would swim at the Villa West pool, get snowballs from the local stand, or walk to the TCBY & pet shop near her neighborhood.  On Halloween, we would go trick-or-treat-ing.  She went to a different High School than I did, but we are still facebook friends.  She just found out she's expecting, and I wish her nothing but the best!

High School was a little different in that I had a few really good friends.  

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Friend S. and I grew close during church group.  She was a grade or two below me, so once I left for college, we lost touch.  She is now living up north(Lucky!) and has a cute cute little girl, and is training for a Marathon.  I didn't get to see her when I was in Boston, but when I go back, that is happening.

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Friend K. and I were close during the end of high school and the beginning of college.  She worked at Winn Dixie for a while, let me stay the night at her house often, drove a Sentra for a while, had amazing curly hair, and the two of us spent so many nights at Brady's during the Summers of 2003 and 2004.  She is still involved as an alumni with her University and her Sorority.  Basically, she's a classy kind of girl, and I'm happy to know her.

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Friend A. and I were also friends during high school and college.  She lived in a cool town called Pumpkin Center, tried to teach me to drive a standard, drove her Mazda right into the high school chemistry teacher's car, and drove me around for probably two years before I had my Mitzy.  Her family was one of the most welcoming I've ever been around, and I felt like their other daughter.  We went to Mardi Gras and ate big peanuts and drank Zima's(or maybe Mike's Hard Lemonade), got rolled under the table as a birthday tradition, sang Christmas carols, and mixed Gin & Diet Pepsi, also known as the Worst-Mixed-Drink-Ever.  We also went to the Campti Louisiana Museum, also known as the Campti Women's Quilting Club with Old Stuff on the Wall. 

We both attended LSU, but had a falling out around sophomore year, and didn't speak from 2005-ish until 2010. 

Now, I will tell you that I hate being wrong. 
 Hate it. 
Hate admitting someone else is right and I'm not. 
Personal flaw, but I'm learing to swallow my pride, a little bit here and there, as I get older.  
Friend A. had offered an apology, around 2008/2009, and I chose to ignore it. 
For years.
I heard she got married and that planted a seed. I thought I should've been there with her, and that our silly falling out, was just that -- silly. 
It took me a while to get up the nerve, but I finally contacted her.  We ate lunch together on Christmas Eve(when we were both at our parent's house) 2010 and our reunion was everything I wanted it to be.  I am truly happy to be able to call friend A. my friend again.  She is also expecting her first little one in Autumn, and I know *exactly* what to get for her shower. 

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As I'm sure you've all deducted, my best friend now, and throughout college too, is Courtney Marie.  We met during rush in 2004, and we've been together ever since.  We are usually those peopel having too much fun doing mundane things, and even if we don't see each other every day, we have that kind of friendship where we can pick up where we left off. 
That, and we both love Space Ghost. 
And Seinfeld.

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And then there's friend M.
Friend M. and I met in the Sorority, and our friendship sparked instantly.
It was the kind of relationship that took off like a wildfire, and we were basically inseperable.
We partook wine, and went to Whole Foods(before we really had money to go to Whole Foods), ate brie and crackers, smoked the hookah on her balcony(flavored tobacco only, thankyouverymuch), and drank Diet Dr. Pepper and rum by her pool, before walking to the sketchy Burger King.
Friend M. had a passion for life, and never did ANYTHING half-heartedly. She really believed that you only live once -- something that I am finally embracing.

She studied abroad one year, came back, and the studied abroad again. After that second time, we lost touch.

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Something made me think of friend M. yesterday, and as I was telling an old college story, I remembered how much fun we had together. 
So I googled her, and found out that she is back in the States{guess I'm a creeper}.
I have her old phone number, and I'm working up the courage to text after so long.

Why are things like that so hard and why do we let people who are our best friends become strangers?


Fallon said...

Facebook friend her and send her a message that says "I don't know why, but I was doing XYZ and thought of you. I had to look you up on Facebook and see how you are doing. Hope all is well."

If y'all really were friends that lost touch, she will understand and not be creeped. Everytime I get friended by an old friend and get to reconnect, I get really excited.

Brandi said...

FB message sent(she doesnt get on much),
text to old phone number sent(she moved out of the country, so I doubt if its the same), and I'll e-mail her work next. I miss my friend M!

courtney marie said...

<3 you.

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