Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sign of Summer

Sign of Summer

What do you think of when someone says, "beginning of summer"?

Do you think of Memorial Day?

Well...I usually don't...but I do think of anchors and perfect shades of blue.

Baton Rouge just got a Jo-Ann's Fabrics, and I picked up the little wooden anchor without a clear vision of what to do with it.

This nautical-ish, memorial day-ish, but not obnoxiously red-white-and-blue-ish wreath was the answer. 

This craft is pretty uncharacteristic of me because:
  • I generally hate red things, because I think "red is for whores and children".  I lean towards cool shades.
  • In my opinion, the colors red, white and blue are just too Americana for me when put together.  If I wanted something that screams, "USA", I'll eat some apple pie...but not the apples...just the goo and crust...cooked apples have a weird texture...bleh.
If you like my little wreath, please feel free to check it out at A Brandi Sized Shop

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