Wednesday, May 23, 2012

White Dresses and Good Deals

White Dresses and Good Deals

{note, we are going to consider today Way-Back-Wednesday.  I wrote this September and never hit, I decided to do so now.}

I'm a single lady, but a good many of my friends are getting married, including one of my favorite neighbors.
You've probably heard of her.
She had the Kentucky Derby party.
She also likes celestial things(we drank champagne while watching the lunar eclipse after getting up at 2 am.  I don't get up at 2am for many people.), spaniels and Greek/Lebanese food.
She also likes her boyfriend a whole lot, so they will be getting hitched in October at her parent's Old Kentucky Home.

Her engagement was pretty sudden, so she needed a dress ASAP.
Saturday, we went to David's Bridal and she picked out a nice dress that was lace with some beading. 

It was pretty, but she decided to sleep on it before buying it. 
Then we had lunch at BJ's Brewhouse where I ordered the California Chicken Sandwhich(but took off the chicken) and got a fabulous go-cup of water. 

That night, she began second-guessing her decision and decided to go to Alfred Angelo on Monday, due to her mother's suggestion. 

Great Suggestion!
She went with her other friend Monday-day and fell in love with a beautiful gown that, might I add, was $350 less than the dress at Davids Bridal, and was much more flattering.

Now, I know its not in good taste to put other people's wedding dress photos on the internet, so you shant see any pictures of the dress, only details. 

She also was able to get a veil at 15% off because she was purchasing the dress, as well as a headpiece, also on sale, $100 off. It is not the one pictured, but I thought I did a good job at taking the pictures of the one I liked so you get to see that instead.

After making the big purchase, we went to whole foods, ate samples and picked up dinner, as we do at least once a month.

My darling neighbor was markedly more ecstatic with the second dress, and I couldn't be happier!

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