Friday, May 25, 2012

Things To Be Excited About on May Twenty Fifth

Things To Be Excited About on May Twenty Fifth

number one:

Booking the Saint Hotel for my best friend's wedding.  I seriously hope this hotel lives up to my expectations.

{photo by The Saint Hotel New Orleans }

  • King size bed all to myself.
  • Modern decor.
  • Sleeping late on June 17th.
  • Cafe du Monde for breakfast.
  • Smitten.
number two:

Its Friday and I wore sequins.
  • Sequins
  • And a mint blazer-type thing from the 1970's{vintage and trendy and cost me all of $1.00!}
  • And big earrings.
  • My boss suggested we put up a disco ball, since it would match my attire.
number three:

Food & Friends

{The Wedding in the Dark, 2011}
{Derby Day, 2010?}

{ I can't find a picture of my favorite EVG here is a picture of me in our dorm room...circa 2004}

  • Dinner with my favorite neighbors/ex-neighbors tonite.
  • Dinner with my favorite ex-Evangeline Hall roommate Monday.{note, I distinctly remember getting facebook when I lived with her...I should've been doing Trig homework, but I was playing on this NEW social media instead}
Have a Glorious Weekend!

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