Friday, May 25, 2012

Things To Be Excited About on May Twenty Fifth

Things To Be Excited About on May Twenty Fifth

number one:

Booking the Saint Hotel for my best friend's wedding.  I seriously hope this hotel lives up to my expectations.

{photo by The Saint Hotel New Orleans }

  • King size bed all to myself.
  • Modern decor.
  • Sleeping late on June 17th.
  • Cafe du Monde for breakfast.
  • Smitten.
number two:

Its Friday and I wore sequins.
  • Sequins
  • And a mint blazer-type thing from the 1970's{vintage and trendy and cost me all of $1.00!}
  • And big earrings.
  • My boss suggested we put up a disco ball, since it would match my attire.
number three:

Food & Friends

{The Wedding in the Dark, 2011}
{Derby Day, 2010?}

{ I can't find a picture of my favorite EVG here is a picture of me in our dorm room...circa 2004}

  • Dinner with my favorite neighbors/ex-neighbors tonite.
  • Dinner with my favorite ex-Evangeline Hall roommate Monday.{note, I distinctly remember getting facebook when I lived with her...I should've been doing Trig homework, but I was playing on this NEW social media instead}
Have a Glorious Weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

White Dresses and Good Deals

White Dresses and Good Deals

{note, we are going to consider today Way-Back-Wednesday.  I wrote this September and never hit, I decided to do so now.}

I'm a single lady, but a good many of my friends are getting married, including one of my favorite neighbors.
You've probably heard of her.
She had the Kentucky Derby party.
She also likes celestial things(we drank champagne while watching the lunar eclipse after getting up at 2 am.  I don't get up at 2am for many people.), spaniels and Greek/Lebanese food.
She also likes her boyfriend a whole lot, so they will be getting hitched in October at her parent's Old Kentucky Home.

Her engagement was pretty sudden, so she needed a dress ASAP.
Saturday, we went to David's Bridal and she picked out a nice dress that was lace with some beading. 

It was pretty, but she decided to sleep on it before buying it. 
Then we had lunch at BJ's Brewhouse where I ordered the California Chicken Sandwhich(but took off the chicken) and got a fabulous go-cup of water. 

That night, she began second-guessing her decision and decided to go to Alfred Angelo on Monday, due to her mother's suggestion. 

Great Suggestion!
She went with her other friend Monday-day and fell in love with a beautiful gown that, might I add, was $350 less than the dress at Davids Bridal, and was much more flattering.

Now, I know its not in good taste to put other people's wedding dress photos on the internet, so you shant see any pictures of the dress, only details. 

She also was able to get a veil at 15% off because she was purchasing the dress, as well as a headpiece, also on sale, $100 off. It is not the one pictured, but I thought I did a good job at taking the pictures of the one I liked so you get to see that instead.

After making the big purchase, we went to whole foods, ate samples and picked up dinner, as we do at least once a month.

My darling neighbor was markedly more ecstatic with the second dress, and I couldn't be happier!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

One Year

One Year

So, while I was out being MIA from my Brandi Sized Blog, I was actually being kind of productive in the real world.

My ex-neighbors, Holly(I like to call her Hollz) & Josh are getting ready to celebrate  their one year anniversary in June and they asked me if I would take some photos to help remember the occasion.

I happily obliged, and I spent a pretty Saturday morning with them at the botanical gardens while they did cute-married-people things like have a picnic, hold up a banner, and share laughs and smiles.  I even brought along some sweet lovey-dovey books to use as props{I have a few more sets in the vintage books section my Etsy Shop}.

I must have snapped three hundred photos, picked the best hundred(and two) to edit, and gave them to Holly this week. 

I had a blast shooting my friends on this happy occasion, and followed it with brunch at Mason's Grill for bottomless mimosas and eggs benedict.

This girl loves some champagne and eggs.

And that Holly girl...she loves Josh.

I am absolutely smitten with their pictures.
I had such a good time being behind the camera and then attempting to learn photoshop for post-processing.
I hope I get the opportunity to do something like this again.

Oh, and which pictures are your favorite?
Can you guess mine?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Miss MIA

Miss MIA

So...apparently I decided to take a break for the entire month of mid-April to mid-May. 
Thats not really a month...but whatever.

I will be back to update my life tomorrow.  My camera is at home, and no posts are very fun without photographic evidence.

{Make Merry Events}

I will leave you with this adorable link to a mothers day card that I printed out four days too late.  Its from Make Merry Events and can be seen here.

{sorry mom...I guess I ruined the surprise...but look at the cool stamp I bought!}
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