Thursday, April 19, 2012

Those Animals with the Creepy Hands

Those Animals with the Creepy Hands

Do you know the ones I'm talking about?
Not monkeys.
Not apes.
As my old room mate Courtney used to say, "raccoons have weird hands, so I don't like them".
Well, Courtney, I agree.
They are even weirder when you aren't expecting to see them.
Yesterday, after my run(3 miles at 9:42), I decided to take a walk in one of the neighborhoods nearby to take some photos of houses and trees and foliage and flowers and such.
There I was, minding my own business walking on a residential sidewalk and a little furry animal runs across a yard. 
I thought it was a cat, and then I saw its striped tail and tried to snap a picture. 

It was kind of far away, so my photo came out blurry at best.
I looked around(while trying not to seem sketchy peering in someone's yard) for it, to confirm that it was a raccoon...then...then...the sneaky thing popped out from a neighbor's yard, ran across the street and into the storm drain.

I didn't know raccoons lived down there.
I thought it was just the Ninja Turtles.
Anyways, I continued my walk for about 45 more minutes, and when I was almost back to my starting point, I saw a mom and child staring up at a magnolia tree, and I thought I would ask them what they were looking at, even thought I was sure they would think, "Why is this sweaty girl with a camera talking to us?". 
Indeed, they were looking at the raccoon.

If it is in this photo, I can't find it, but I promise it was there.
Apparently, according to the little girl, a family of raccoons moves into their attic in the winter.
A night rider costume that I inherited with my condo lives in my attic.
Not quite as wild but equally weird.
And that was my excitement yesterday.

Did you see any unexpected wildlife today?

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