Thursday, April 12, 2012


{ via I am the lab }

So, its April and I've blogged once.
I have an excuse.
I've been busy.

My best friend and my supervisor's son's wedding are both coming up in June, and I've been doing things for both of their showers.
Unfortunately, I can't share much because Courtney's things are a surprise, but here is something I made for my supervisor's soon to be daughter-in-law...its a little altered to not give away personal information, but you get the idea.  I sure will miss Picnik. 

In other news, my friend bought a pool, I found a rug underneath the leaf collection on my patio{and also cleaned up ALOT, promise--post coming soon}, and Sasha is in tip top shape.

{ Blanket Available at A Brandi Sized Shop }

I've also been running about, drinking coffee, and tonite I'm going to see the new American Pie movie{cause I'm from that generation}!

I've been a busy bee, but I'll try to write again soon!

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