Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back from the SXM, Part 199

Back from the SXM, Part 199
Last August, I went to the little Dutch/French Island of St. Maarten.
Anybody remember?
If you don't, but want to, check out my arrival, getting settled, the french side, and the beach.  This is the last post I will ever do about the SXM!
Lots of photos to come, so get ready...Freddie.

Out last day, we decided to go to St. Phillipsburg, which happens to be one of the most populated places on the island. This day, Courtney's fiancee was busy, so we had to take a cab to and from this part of the island.

{ Courthouse }
We had to stop for lunch at the tiny waterfront Hard Rock Cafe and I had to buy my mom a shot glass.
She's not much into shots anymore, but she still collects the glasses from each location we go to. 
This area is where the cruise ships port, so there are plenty of chairs to rent, and trinkets to be bought.

Our walk led us to the "downtown" part of St. Phillipsburg where we tried a local drink(A Guavaberry that what it was called?), found the local museum locked, found some sort of star wars museum open, and did some more walking about.

Our cab ride home let me get some shots of the interior island, which looked like Jurassic Park to me, and then we had to pack up and get ready to go back to the states.

Princess Juliana Airport(where they are winners) was small, and then we had a six or hour layover in Miami where we ate mall pizza, tried some scotch and generally were bored. 
Finally we boarded our flight back to the NOLA!
So, what were my impressions of St. Maarten?
It was nice.
 I hoped that I would fall in love with an island-sort-of-life where the pace was slow and days were long and warm, and while it makes a nice vacation, I'm too much of a busybody to want to live there.
Sure, it was pretty, but it rained all the time, things were expensive, and you had to go to two or three different grocery stores to get everything you wanted.
After five days, I was ready to get back into my routine at home with running, going to work, thrifting and drinking milk that was not $6.00 a gallon.
It was a nice little vacation for me, and I feel luck to have been able to spend some time in a tropical island with my best friend...but next time, we're going to London.
{or back to Boston; either is fine with me}

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

Yesterday I showed you a some of my spruced up patio, and while I think I've made leaps and bounds since its initial state, I realize that there is still much work left to be done. 
For instance, I never noticed how GROSS my my patio threshold is.  We need to do something about that, STAT. 
I blame, mostly, my Spoiled Rotten Cocker Spaniels.

I think the next photo says it all, but I need to get rid of the green stuff(is this algae or mold or slime?), replace the alyssum which was pretty a few weeks ago but is now pretty scraggly, and spray paint the planter so that it matches the other dark planters.
Yes, some of my planters are baskets.
From Goodwill.
Ninety Nine Cents. 

Oh, then there's the space directly next to my door, which I strategically did not include yesterday.

I need to tidy up(put up the broom, trowel, brick, and dogbrush?), recycle all these random plastic bottles and plant containers(like my jingle?) and finish making a fountain out of that container.  I've got the rocks(and 3 tons of extra ones in that bag...okay, 1/2 a cubic foot, but its heavy!), and a container, but I purchased two pumps from Lowes and they both made an awful gurlging noise. 
Not what I was going for, so I'm going to search Amazon for another brand.
Yes, Home Depot had the same brand.

And then I need to repot the fern my grandma gave me, and NOT kill my plant babies(nasturtium & zinnia seedlings).

Whew, that seems like a lot.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Little Sunshine in a Dark Corner

A Little Sunshine in a Dark Corner
So, that dark corner of my life has finally seen some sunshine!

We'll start at the threshold, with a fancy new doormat, courtesy of an estate sale this past weekend.

My wallet is two dollars lighter and I get to be reminded of my two uppity spaniels each time I go outside.
Maybe this way, they'll wipe their dirty paws!

Next, we will look to the right of the door...
And now looking head on out the door...

And now to the left to the left...

There is still plenty to do, but I feel like I've got a good start. 
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