Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Schnuggles & Spaniels

Schnuggles & Spaniels

Sasha had to go to the vet yesterday to have some dental work done to keep her gum disease from getting worse, and hopefully put it to a stop.
This was the first time either of my bears have been put under anesthesia & I was pretty nervous that they would give her too much.

 {I was also worried about this when I had a cyst removed three years ago.}

To no one's suprise, she was just fine, but I could not go running right after work because I had to pick her up.
Therefore, I had a relaxing evening at home...

and sometimes there is just nothing better than sharing some schnuggles with some spaniels, and not worrying that laundry hasn't been put away since, um, March 3rd.

They may not always be the best behaved dogs...
but there is no doubt in my mind that they have stolen my heart.

My two loves through a blurry camera lens, on a rainy evening...trying my best to capture a moment without interruption.

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