Monday, March 5, 2012

Pajamas to Work

Pajamas to Work

Truth be told that I typed "pajams" twice before getting it right.  
I think we should all start calling our night-clothes "pajams".
Sort of like, late night dance party.

I wore my newest vintage find to work the other day with my favorite pair of Banana Republic petite black pants.

I'm convinced my newest find had a previous life as some older woman's sexy pajama top, complete with a little metal snap and two shiny plastic buttons.

That day, I was told that my Banana Republic petite black pants look like yoga pants, and I was later asked if there was another predicted flood of the Mississippi River(which is not even a half a mile from my office door).

Last I checked there wasn't.

And last I checked, I was feeling pretty PMS-y that day, so if you want to taunt me by calling my office clothes, "lounge wear", you won't bother me one bit.

At least I'm comfortable.

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