Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Non-Lame Garden Flag, Take Two

A Non-Lame Garden Flag, Take Two

Notice anything different about the front yard?

No, its not the outta-control rosebush or the "yard of the month" sign, or the red Amaryllis that everyone in the neighborhood likes except me(because I don't like red)...

Some of you may remember my first attempt at finding a non-lame garden flag, and then my first attempt at hand sewing one.
If not, please, educate yourself !

Well, since my first attempt was getting kinda ratty, so I decided to hop on the chevron trend and make myself a brand new flag.

I went to my local fabric store, Hancock Fabrics, and picked up 2 feet of the printed fabric at 40% off and paid, maybe $8.00.
It was on a wide bolt, so I had plenty of extra for a certain embroidery hoop project I'm starting.

Anywho,  this time I used my old Brother sewing machine and sewed a {mostly}straight line, and even though I didn't exactly cut the bottom perfectly, I'm happier with this result than I would be any of the commercial ones I've seen.

Have you done any projects with outdoor fabric lately? 

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