Friday, March 16, 2012

Going In For One Thing...

Going In For One Thing...

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and tomorrow I'm going to the St. Patrick's Day parade in the city{the city being New Orleans}.
Until yesterday, I had nothing for the Wearin' of the Green.
Originally, I had high hopes of finding a vibrant Hawaiian shirt from Goodwill...and I bought one...but then I didn't like it once I brought it home, so back to square one I went.
Hoping my trusty Old Navy would see me through, I stopped there after work with intentions of only purchasing one green shirt.
I went in and tried on all this:
Since I know everyone is curious, here is how it went:

1.) Too boxy.  This dress really wouldn't even fit over my ass.
2.) Cute and on sale.  I liked that the front and back were different. 
3.) Loose, breezy, comfy and paired with navy.  Anything paired with navy is a plus because it brings out my eyes.
4.) This dress was left in my fitting room by the previous tenant.  It happened to be my size.  It looked like a frumpy potato sack on me.
5.) Pajama shorts.  I was between sizes.  Extra small was WAY too small and Small was WAY too big.
6.) Comfortable and trendy!  Not on sale.  The collar falls off my shoulder a little(so maybe I should've bought a smaller size), but I can just roll with it. 
7.) Same shirt as number six, but perfectly nautical.
8.) Lavenderish-bluish-linenish shorts that I was sure would look terrible on.  I was pleasantly suprised.
9.) This top made me look like a three year old.
10.) More pajama shorts.  Bootylicious.
11.) Comfy and breezy and on sale.

So, what will I be wearing tomorrow?

PS - I purchased the neon fall off my shoulder shirt and am wearing it today.  I feel so hip.  Everything else stayed at Old Navy.

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