Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Becoming a Celebrity

Becoming a Celebrity

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Hello readers.
I don't have cable.
I haven't had cable since ye about 2008, because when I had my very first apartment by myself, I couldn't exactly afford it and now I would rather have my twenty-something dollars a month, than thirty-something channels that I don't have time to watch. 
I don't really miss it either.
{Except Teen Mom & 16 and Pregnant which I may or may not watch on MTV.com}
Last night, however, a girl who was in my sorority was on House Hunters, and I wish I could've seen it, since she was house hunting in my area.
I did hear that she purchased the house in Zachary for $299,000.00.
Did you know that HGTV.com has a section called "Be on HGTV"?
I'm tempted to sign up.
Maybe someone can tackle my poor patio.


Debbie @ OtRD said...

I don't have cable either. Might be one reason why I can last so long on the elliptical at the gym...

Brandi said...

Ha! One year before I made myself run outside in the winter, I used to look foreward to the my elliptical time at the YMCA too!

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