Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Wine I Already Tried

The Wine I Already Tried

The other day, my long lost neighbor-friend, Julie & I went to Whole Foods to buy cheese and tapioca pudding, bananas and milk, and to try as many samples as the associates would let us without telling us we are fatties and to buy something or leave.
We walked by the wine display, and Julie Marie exclaimed, "OH!  I like the packaging on that wine...and its a Zinfandel(she knows  how I love a dry Zin)...and its on sale!  We should try it!", to which I quickly burst her bubble by grumbling, "I'm poor.  I can't buy that now".
So, the next day I'm going through my photos, looking for something blogworthy, and I notice that I had indeed already bought this wine, and already took pictures with full intention of blogging about my dinner.
What a memory I've got.
So, without further adieu, I give you my blog post about dinner.
Heavenly dinner, might I add.

To be perfectly honest, I saw a recipe for something like this way back in the day, probably in Fitness Magazine, but I've been making a variation of it for a few years, so I'm calling it mine.
Spinach and Goat Cheese Quesadillas.
Rich Rich.
In my poor week.
Step one: open a bottle of wine, learn how to work a tripod & your camera's timer all at once.

Step two: take a picture so you remember the wine you already bought, and remember that it wasn't dry enough for your liking.
Step three: sautee up some bell pepper and spinach then place it on a spinach tortilla.
Step four: drink some more mediocre wine, and take a photo of the not so mediocre goat cheese so that you remember what it was, and that you did like it.
Step five: cut up some big little pieces of goat cheese and place on top of the spinach/bell pepper mixture and then smash another tortilla on top.  Put it back in the skillet to give it a crispy edge and some melty qualities.  While doing so, remind your own personal bears that, "no, dis not for jew even if jew give jew mama bear sweet eyes".
Step six: enjoy your handiwork, stop drinking wine because now its a Tipsy Tuesday, and freeze the rest of your mediocre wine in an ice cube tray for cooking later.
Quesadillas are so versatile, that really, you can put whatever you want inside and it will be a crispy, melty, and easy dinner.
So, why do I eat peanut butter and banana sandwhiches and cereal for dinner so often?
Your guess is as good as mine.

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