Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Make Up Cake

Make Up Cake

Last night, pre-walking-with Hollz, I stopped at Albertsons to pick up a Freschetta Pizza and a Caesar Salad kit(classy), since I don't mean to eat their food every Monday, but I always do, so I thought I would contribute. 
Longest sentence ever.

Since I was still fuming over the lack of cake yesterday, I decided to remedy the situation by bringing a King Cake today.

In case you've never heard of it, king cake is a cinammon-roll-y type cake, with sugary icing and colored granulated sugar on top which is served during the Mardi Gras season.

There is a little plastic baby inside, and the person who gets the piece with the baby has to bring the next King Cake.

So, I bring the first cake.
I put the baby in the cake(since they aren't usually pre-installed b/c people could choke I guess).
Someone ELSE brings the next cake.
Cake abound!

My thighs My butt(b/c in my opinion, I actually have pretty decent thighs...) is not a fan of my stellar ideas though.


FlyingPurpleHippos.com said...

That is one sloppy looking cake but it still looks yummy.

I'm curious, when cutting a King's cake that isn't braided how do you ensure that you don't cut into the baby?

Brandi said...

Usually, you must put the baby in the cake yourself(I just push it through the bottom), and then you kinda know where not to cut...but if you purchase a cake with a baby already inside, you just have to be careful!

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