Monday, February 6, 2012

Friday Thoughts on Monday

{Raspberri Cupcakes}

  • 3:56 pm
  • I think I had three good bloggy ideas today, and then forgot them all...but I still feel like here I am.
  • Staff meeting today.  No Cake.
  • Fail. 
  • Don't they know I need monthly cake?
  • Chinese food for lunch...not so healthy...
  • Guess I was making up for the lack of cake.
  • I would really rather have real cake(you know...with icing...or filling...or sprinkles...or candy shapes...or cake balls...or rice krispie treats..or pumpkin pie...or quiche) than pound cake once a month...
  • Maybe I should tell the cake guy...but I'm a little bit scared of him.
  • Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey, guess what!
  • I ran 7.36 miles on Sunday.
  • When I was only going to run 7.00.
  • And I am super proud of myself with ouchy quads.
  • Proud and reminded that I'm out of shape...
  • Didn't I run 26.2 miles last February?
  • I was also reminded that one of the reasons I like long runs is because you get to see more than one part of town!
  • Yay Baton Rouge neighborhoods.
  • I got to wear my vintage blouse today.
  • Vintage from Goodwill.
  • I'm going to eat some baby carrots before my walking date with Hollz.
  • Yes, she has a nickname.
  • Catch ya later!
  • 4:04 pm

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