Friday, February 3, 2012

Ducks cause a Ruckus


  • 2:02 pm
  • Its been a long rainy week in Baton Rouge.
  • I've been a good blogger lately.
  • I'm wanting to go schnuggle in bed with my puppies.
  • I'm going to controlled-burn-the-woods next week with my office's field crew and the thing I'm most worried about is having to pee in the woods.
  • Not carrying around a drip torch.
  • Not getting bitten by a snake or eaten by a bear.
  • Peeing in the woods.
  • BOO!
  • I'll get to visit my mama bear and grandma bear on the way home though.
  • Still slightly obsessed with the XX channel on Pandora.
  • Slightly meaning tremendously.
  • Sorry if your child's name is Nevan, but I think that is an ugly name.
  • Dear future husband, please hold my hand when I'm a waddling 8 month pregnant lady and don't name our child Nevan.
  • Ducks waddle.
  • And wag their tail when they're happy.
  • That gang of ducks by the capitol lake don;t wage tails.  They cause a ruckus.  No time for fun.  Runnin these streets.
  • I need to photograph them.
  • I can be sexy.
  • 2:10 pm

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