Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Project of the Year: The End

First Project of the Year: The End

Its finished.
Praise the Lord.
I enjoyed the tearing-out-the-carpet part and  
the laying-the-tile part was my favorite. 
And this last part, this replacing-the-baseboards part was the bane of my existence for a good five hours last Saturday. 
There are no photos or words to accuratly describe my aggravation with re-installing these damn decorative pieces of wood.  I must be the weakest human being alive(I've been told that I have the upper body strength of a hamster) because I thought that hammering 2" nails was the hardest DIY thing I've ever done. 
I may have also cut the pieces a little short and there may be more caulk in this 2.5' x 5' closet than in the rest of my house put together, but thats beside the point.
All in all though, I'm proud that I put this floor space back together, and that there is no biohazard carpet in there anymore. 
The bears are pleased too.  They kept trying to sneak in there to take a nap and Beauregard kept trying to dig at the not-quite-dry grout and eat it(he was probably trying to eat my little yellow level in that photo and has also been known to eat rocks in the parking lot...he's part turkey, I think).
And I'm the most pleased that I have a little less junk hanging out in my dining room.  When you have 500 square feet of living space downstairs, the key to making it feel less than cramped is to keep it tidy! 
I even spruced up a little and got rid of some things and put a few other things in the attic.  
If you play I-Spy now, you won't find any Halloween lights, but you might find that silly telephone and sewing machine. 


Claire said...

This looks fab! I'm your newest follower from TDC-stop by for a visit!

Brandi said...

thank you claire! And thanks for the visit! I'm off to your blog now!

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