Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Project of the New Year: The Before

First Project of the Year: The Before

Okay everyone, lets pretend you have a condo and its just like all the other condos, except with an extra closet.
See, the original floor plan had a bar underneath the stairs(silly 1980s...wasting valuable space), but the previous owners made that area into a closet.
Its a closet I'm happy to have because it stores my brooms and swiffer and orange Halloween lights and paint and any other DIY type things I own.
One problem.
Lets just say my condo is a shiny shiny person, but this closet is a dark corner...
with carpet from 1982(which btw is before my house was built...its that gross).
Dare to look?

Capitol G-R-O-S-S.
Josie Grossy.
Here's the rest of the messy closet too..just for persepective.
If you're really bored, you can play I-Spy with this picture.
Sewing Machine?  Molding?  Telephone?
check check check.
No matter, what began as "I need to get paint out of the closet to paint my stair risers," turned into "I need to take everything out of the closet and organize it"...so for an hour or so, I lived with this mes:
then quickly made the executive decision that the carpet was gonna have to go.
So, on a whim, I pulled up the carpet and the nasty carpet pad & was stuck with a bunch of tacks in pieces of wood and half-done baseboards.
Now, being the resourceful girl I am, I used a butter knife & a hammer to pry this up. 
Then I swept up as much debris as I could until I could borrow a shop vac from my ex-neighbor.

And then the carpet was out the door.
I told you it had to G-O.


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