Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Etsy Spotlight: Cocker Spaniels

Etsy Spotlight: Cocker Spaniels

As my mother can attest, my love for a Cocker Spaniel began with Lady and the Tramp, when I was about five years old.

When I was around ten or eleven, I had a "collection" of little ceramic/porcelain/who-knows- what figurines with a few Cocker Spaniels too, because Lord knows that nine and ten year old girls need to collect some kind of fake animals.

When the end of college finally grew near, and roommates were no longer an issue, I knew that I could finally have my own dog...

Not a Boston Terrier or the Tibetan Spaniel...but my very own Cocker!

Beauregard's first day with me
I thank the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas for helping me find my very own Beauregard, who came to live with me not even two weeks after moving into my first apartment alone.

And then...a year later...I was supposed to be a foster mom for a scared little girl named Sasha who has a gooey eye, and was terrified of everything, but transportation to get her from Baton Rouge to Florida didn't work out, so she stayed with me for a few months...and then, my BFF's fiance said, jokingly, "Courtney, maybe we should adopt Sasha."...and I thought..."If I don't want my best friend to have Sasha, I don't want anyone else to have Sasha"...and Sasha is now my very own pretty girl.

Still with that gooey eye.

And the point of my dogs' life stories is to highlight my love of the breed.

Cute, cuddly, minimal hunting instincts(Beau points!), a will to please(not to mention a will to get into things they shouldn't andn make their Mama Bear mad), and a happy demeanor all make this breed perfect for me.

I don't have many Cocker Spaniel things in my home, but because they hold such a place in my heart, I am looking to add a knick knack or two, so I searched Etsy, and came upon these great finds:

pink planter from A Pinch of Joy
figurine from The Squirrel Cottage
vintage puzzle from Greta's Vintage Shop
statue from stellabystar
Grabby Pup book from Roxy Rani
vintage valentine from Carol's Pommies
vintage box from Platter Matter
Also, in case you're wondering why I call them "The Bears", it is for this reason:
When Beauregard was an only child, I started calling him "Beau-Beau", which turned into "Bubba", which then turned into "Bubba Bear"...and when Sasha came along, naturally, she was "Sasha Bear".
They are also lovingly referred to as "Pretty Bear", "Pretty Girl", "Mister Man", "Misses Girl", "Bad Bear", "Little Man", "Little Ones", "My Love's" and "My Span-gels"..and that's the short list.
Do you have any "bears"?
What are your pet names for your...pets?

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