Friday, January 20, 2012

Cardigans & Chick Fil A

Cardigans & Chick Fil A
  • 3:11 pm
  • Second Friday dinner with the Anderson's in a row.
  • I'll be wearing a sweater, even though it is like sixty eight degrees here in Louisiana.
  • Brrrrring....Brrrrrinnnng....Hello?...Louisiana...its should not be sixty eight degrees...
  • And pedestrians really should not walk in the street when the cars have a green light.
  • Grumbley Brandi.
  • Many projects to do this weekend...including one using wire.
  • Wire & Cotton and Screws, oh my!
  • Lunch next Saturday with my favorite bride-to-be in the NOLA.
  • So happy I got a planner.
  • Even though it came from Wal-Mart & I find my closest Wal-Mart to be pretty ghetto.
  • I'm a Whole Foods/Target kind of girl.
  • And Goodwill.
  • I want to own a store that sells art & cards & vintagey things & cookies & coffee.
  • I know just the place.
  • 4173 Government Street
  • 3:23 pm

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