Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Etsy Spotlight: Cocker Spaniels

Etsy Spotlight: Cocker Spaniels

As my mother can attest, my love for a Cocker Spaniel began with Lady and the Tramp, when I was about five years old.

When I was around ten or eleven, I had a "collection" of little ceramic/porcelain/who-knows- what figurines with a few Cocker Spaniels too, because Lord knows that nine and ten year old girls need to collect some kind of fake animals.

When the end of college finally grew near, and roommates were no longer an issue, I knew that I could finally have my own dog...

Not a Boston Terrier or the Tibetan Spaniel...but my very own Cocker!

Beauregard's first day with me
I thank the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas for helping me find my very own Beauregard, who came to live with me not even two weeks after moving into my first apartment alone.

And then...a year later...I was supposed to be a foster mom for a scared little girl named Sasha who has a gooey eye, and was terrified of everything, but transportation to get her from Baton Rouge to Florida didn't work out, so she stayed with me for a few months...and then, my BFF's fiance said, jokingly, "Courtney, maybe we should adopt Sasha."...and I thought..."If I don't want my best friend to have Sasha, I don't want anyone else to have Sasha"...and Sasha is now my very own pretty girl.

Still with that gooey eye.

And the point of my dogs' life stories is to highlight my love of the breed.

Cute, cuddly, minimal hunting instincts(Beau points!), a will to please(not to mention a will to get into things they shouldn't andn make their Mama Bear mad), and a happy demeanor all make this breed perfect for me.

I don't have many Cocker Spaniel things in my home, but because they hold such a place in my heart, I am looking to add a knick knack or two, so I searched Etsy, and came upon these great finds:

pink planter from A Pinch of Joy
figurine from The Squirrel Cottage
vintage puzzle from Greta's Vintage Shop
statue from stellabystar
Grabby Pup book from Roxy Rani
vintage valentine from Carol's Pommies
vintage box from Platter Matter
Also, in case you're wondering why I call them "The Bears", it is for this reason:
When Beauregard was an only child, I started calling him "Beau-Beau", which turned into "Bubba", which then turned into "Bubba Bear"...and when Sasha came along, naturally, she was "Sasha Bear".
They are also lovingly referred to as "Pretty Bear", "Pretty Girl", "Mister Man", "Misses Girl", "Bad Bear", "Little Man", "Little Ones", "My Love's" and "My Span-gels"..and that's the short list.
Do you have any "bears"?
What are your pet names for your...pets?

Monday, January 30, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding

My BFF is getting married in June and this past Saturday myself and another bridesmaid got fitted for our dresses.
They have been engaged for quite a while, and its all starting to feel real.

I am very excited for her & her fiance to start their life together.
And I'm excited for them to move to the EBR, even if its only a year or two.
I'm excited to grill things at their house.
 I'm excited to lay around watching tv at least a few times(Half Ton Teen, anyone?).
I'm excited to have little Courtney/Toms running around in the next few years(and maybe be an Aunt Brandi?).
And I'm excited that four years after we graduated college we have still managed to see each other almost once a month and go on a trip once a year.
I have the best friend a girl could ask for.

{And to think, I *might* have cried when she got engaged because I *might* have thought I was going to lose my best friend...silly I know.}
I really think she already knew that, because if not, this is pretty awkward.

Happy Engagement, my friends!
{ps - all photos taken by me.}

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goodwill Badwill

Goodwill Badwill

I should be getting dressed to go run my 5-6 miles, but instead I'm laying in bed drinking coffee and eating oatmeal...and I just HAD to come blog about my two most recent Goodwill experiences.
Hold on,  I think Beauregard is eating trash downstairs.
Beauregard was eating trash downstairs.
My oatmeal packets to be exact.
Anyways, back to Goodwill.
Last Saturday I was dropping some things off at the donation area in the back of my not so local Goodwill, and without sharing all the details, the middle of my car was hit by another car.
My drivers side back door.
Guess my car is invisible and they didn't see me.
Eye roll.
this past Friday, I was going to my local Goodwill to do a little perusing and a large SUV was parked over the line.
Having the little Mitzy-mobile that I do, I figured I could still fit in the spot, so I pulled in...but just a little too close...and my passenger side front bumper hit their driver's side back tire.
My car is significantly lower than theirs, so I didn't even hit metal, just tire.
I have a scuff, and they had nothing.
Anyways, there was a college-age girl in the car who gets out because she felt a big shake.
We look at her car and see nothing, so she says,
"Well...this is my mom's car...and I got into an accident last weekend...so I'm just not going to tell her".
I proceed to mention that I was in an accident too last week and we go to exchange accident stories.
Girl sees mom leaving the store.
Girl immediatly tells me,
"Oh!  It was great running into you here!"
I say, "Yeah!  I know!  It was so good to see you!"
She says, "See you later!"
I say, "Bye!" and walk in to the store.
And that was it.
Two girls working together for a common cause.
Beautifully executed, might I add.
I half-way expected her mom to come find me in the store and yell at me, but that never happened and I picked up cute top and a theta-tastic piece of kitchenware for my etsy shop.
Theta-tastic = pansies.
PS - Late Happy Founder's Day to all my sisters around the world(Kappa Alpha Theta is an international fraternity)!
All that being said, I guess I should get dressed to go run now.

Friday, January 27, 2012

  • 1:46 pm
  • I forgot to eat my vegetables last night(minus avocado), and had a piece of Whole Foods king cake instead.
  • Never had King Cake?
  • You need to.
  • I made up for it by having a piece of cauliflower today(which is like Broccoli's albino cousin).
  • And some lettuce.
  • Lettuce be friends.
  • Friends don't let friend's buy sofas with itchy fabric.
  • Good rule of thumb: don't buy a sofa if it gives you a rash.
  • Not so good rule of thumb: don't buy a sofa if they don't make underwear out of the fabric you're considering.
  • Last time I checked, Victoria's Secret didn't have a sexy-valentines-day-special on tweed panties. 
  • Speaking of sexy, anything sung by The XX is sexy.
  • Never listened to The XX?
  • You need to.
  • Wish the best for you
  • Wish the best for me
  • Wished for infinity
  • 1:56 pm

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Picnik is closing!

Picnik is Closing!

...And I was just learning to really use it...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

FLICKR via wackystuff
Hello ladies.
Were any of you Girl Scouts?
My mom made me be a Brownie when I was younger, and I did not like it.
Not one bit.
Sure, I think its a great organization & my favorite 10 year old is selling cookies now(and I definitely intend to buy a box or two of Tagalongs), but I was a shy little girl and the whole thing made me uncomfortable.
I didn't like the meetings.
One time we had to go "camping" and the other girls went inside while I was supposed to be manning the fire and I remember how the smoke hurt my eyes and I felt left out. 
Not to mention the fact that I was scared of people, so the one time I got up enough courage to ask someone if they wanted to buy cookies at the mall(our troop had a get-up there & our parents were all around), the person I asked was FRENCH.
Parlez vous francais?
Non.  I was six.  I think I gave up  on the whole operation right about then.
Needless to say, I never made it past Brownie status.
Did anyone else have a bad brownie experience?
Does anyone else look foreward to Girl Scout Cookie time?
Has anyone tried this Baking Bites recipe for Homeade Tagalongs?
Whats your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cardigans & Chick Fil A

Cardigans & Chick Fil A
  • 3:11 pm
  • Second Friday dinner with the Anderson's in a row.
  • I'll be wearing a sweater, even though it is like sixty eight degrees here in Louisiana.
  • Brrrrring....Brrrrrinnnng....Hello?...Louisiana...its January....it should not be sixty eight degrees...
  • And pedestrians really should not walk in the street when the cars have a green light.
  • Grumbley Brandi.
  • Many projects to do this weekend...including one using wire.
  • Wire & Cotton and Screws, oh my!
  • Lunch next Saturday with my favorite bride-to-be in the NOLA.
  • So happy I got a planner.
  • Even though it came from Wal-Mart & I find my closest Wal-Mart to be pretty ghetto.
  • I'm a Whole Foods/Target kind of girl.
  • And Goodwill.
  • I want to own a store that sells art & cards & vintagey things & cookies & coffee.
  • I know just the place.
  • 4173 Government Street
  • 3:23 pm

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inspiration Thursday - Bedrooms

Inspiration Thursday - Bedrooms

source unknown
source unknown
Kelly Moore Photography
(and mine)
(my favorite room of my home)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Project of the Year: The End

First Project of the Year: The End

Its finished.
Praise the Lord.
I enjoyed the tearing-out-the-carpet part and  
the laying-the-tile part was my favorite. 
And this last part, this replacing-the-baseboards part was the bane of my existence for a good five hours last Saturday. 
There are no photos or words to accuratly describe my aggravation with re-installing these damn decorative pieces of wood.  I must be the weakest human being alive(I've been told that I have the upper body strength of a hamster) because I thought that hammering 2" nails was the hardest DIY thing I've ever done. 
I may have also cut the pieces a little short and there may be more caulk in this 2.5' x 5' closet than in the rest of my house put together, but thats beside the point.
All in all though, I'm proud that I put this floor space back together, and that there is no biohazard carpet in there anymore. 
The bears are pleased too.  They kept trying to sneak in there to take a nap and Beauregard kept trying to dig at the not-quite-dry grout and eat it(he was probably trying to eat my little yellow level in that photo and has also been known to eat rocks in the parking lot...he's part turkey, I think).
And I'm the most pleased that I have a little less junk hanging out in my dining room.  When you have 500 square feet of living space downstairs, the key to making it feel less than cramped is to keep it tidy! 
I even spruced up a little and got rid of some things and put a few other things in the attic.  
If you play I-Spy now, you won't find any Halloween lights, but you might find that silly telephone and sewing machine. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Earrings Earrings Earrings!

Earrings Earrings Earrings!

Ladies and gentlemen(are there any?), I want to interrupt our regularly somewhat scheduled programming about closets and tile for something a little more girly.
An earring giveaway to be exact.
If you head over to A Creative Day you'll get the details on how to win 2 sets of earrings from Song and Dance(ends January 16, 2012).
Here are some of my picks from the shop...I'm in love with the gold rock steady earrings, btw.

First Project of the Year: The Middle

First Project of the Year: The Middle

You've already learned about the exile of the 1982 carpet, and without any flooring, I had to come up with a plan for the closet.  I decided that tile would be the best bet because of cost/skill.
PS - When I was at LSU, the Greek Community helped with the Habitat for Humanity build and I always wanted to help with tile, but due to having class and work, I was always stuck sweeping up nails or something like that before the walls were even up.
I purchased all the necessary tiling things(grout, thinset, trowel, float) and of course, the tile.
Glacier Bay Porcelain Tile, Lowes
I was planning on ceramic, but I found these porcelain tiles instead.  They aren't as dark as they look in this photo...they're actually really light with a grayish-blueish tone...and I chose Delorean Gray grout, which lightens them up even more.  I had Lowes cut the tile for me after I measured them, then placed them on the floor to make sure they fit with spacers.
  I also found it helpful to label each tile that wasn't standard 12 x 12, so I would quickly know where to place it.
Mixing up the thinset and then laying the tiles was a slow process.  It took about 15 minutes for 3 tiles...thus about an hour and 20 minutes for the whole room.  After that, let it sit for 24 hours before moving along to grouting.
No grouting photos.
And no baseboard replacement photos(maybe because I haven't done it yet).
Looking back now, I see that my tiles are a little skewed.  The grid is straight, but it kinda veers.  I wish I would've noticed that before I had laid the thinset and stuck the tiles. 
But I guess you live and learn and thank goodness it was a closet instead of your whole kitchen or something.  
Now, all thats left is the baseboards/quarter round and to hope that it covers the edges...THEN i can finally organize this silly closet! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Project of the New Year: The Before

First Project of the Year: The Before

Okay everyone, lets pretend you have a condo and its just like all the other condos, except with an extra closet.
See, the original floor plan had a bar underneath the stairs(silly 1980s...wasting valuable space), but the previous owners made that area into a closet.
Its a closet I'm happy to have because it stores my brooms and swiffer and orange Halloween lights and paint and any other DIY type things I own.
One problem.
Lets just say my condo is a shiny shiny person, but this closet is a dark corner...
with carpet from 1982(which btw is before my house was built...its that gross).
Dare to look?

Capitol G-R-O-S-S.
Josie Grossy.
Here's the rest of the messy closet too..just for persepective.
If you're really bored, you can play I-Spy with this picture.
Sewing Machine?  Molding?  Telephone?
check check check.
No matter, what began as "I need to get paint out of the closet to paint my stair risers," turned into "I need to take everything out of the closet and organize it"...so for an hour or so, I lived with this mes:
then quickly made the executive decision that the carpet was gonna have to go.
So, on a whim, I pulled up the carpet and the nasty carpet pad & was stuck with a bunch of tacks in pieces of wood and half-done baseboards.
Now, being the resourceful girl I am, I used a butter knife & a hammer to pry this up. 
Then I swept up as much debris as I could until I could borrow a shop vac from my ex-neighbor.

And then the carpet was out the door.
I told you it had to G-O.

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