Friday, December 28, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 19 - Home for Christmas

Home is different for each of us.
Home to me, at this stage of my life, is my little condominium with a bay window and two Cocker Spaniels, but I also feel like my parent's house is "home" as well. 
I grew up in this little yellow house and I spent my Christmas Eve there. 

I carted my gifts home in a laundry basket, and loaded the bears up in the back of my Maddie May Mazda{with many towels...Beauregard likes to get carsick} and took the interstate east. 

I met my best friend from high school at her parents house{and her new little boy!}, went to church this one time a year, and then had our annual dinner from Wendy's with my family.
Yep, Wendy's. 
Its probably the only time each year that I have Wendy's but nobody wants to cook the night before Christmas.

After Wendy's I forgot to leave cookies out for Santa{aka Grams},  but I did fall asleep watching A Christmas Story, in my room from high school.

On Christmas morning,  I looked at our tree, ate candy for breakfast{where did Healthy Brandi go??}, and opened gifts.  I swear, my parents house is the only place where a tree with multicolored lights and a mish-mash of ornaments is attractive.

This skiing snowman was my favorite as a child...

or maybe it was this penguin which I have my own version of now!

I never liked this red reindeer and santa when I was younger, but the mid century modern-ness of them make my heart flutter now.

And this little trio of deer{including the one with a missing eye}, makes me smile.

I know that Christmas has just passed, and all of your families have unique traditions...would you care to share?
Am I the only one who annually has fast food on Christmas Eve?

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 18 - My Home for the Holidays

Happy Christmas Eve
{ you know...if you celebrate Christmas...if not, Happy Monday! }

Today is a post about nothing, but first I want to say this:

 I am so happy that I decided to challenge myself with writing several posts on the same subject.  I am happy that each one of you has followed me as I have filled my home with some non-traditional color scheme elements, and worked my way towards a classy holiday affair.

I hope you keep coming back, even when I post about nothing.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 17 - Tree Details

You've already seen a gajillion photos of my white Christmas tree from afar, but I have yet to post many close up photos.
My reason is this:

My tree was cheap. 
Like $20.00 cheap. 
And it shows. 
The branches don't fit together all that great, and if I touch it too much, I think its going to fall apart. 
Its also kind of small.
{its okay girl, size doesn't matter that much}

But in a way, these things were a blessing for me this year.  I didn't feel like I needed to fill the tree up with things, only for the sake of doing it.  I felt like the ornaments I did place on the tree were special, pretty, and able to shine a little brighter since there were so few.


And the best part is, no matter what colors I choose next year, I'm fairly sure that white and silver are neutral enough to grace my future tree whether she be white or green.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday- Day 16 - Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

For most of my adult life, I wondered where people got these elaborate ugly Christmas sweaters which make appearances on facebook quite often.
I had seen plenty in Khols and JC Penney but I didn't want to spend my hard earned $34.99 on an "ugly sweater".  Do people really find these at Goodwill...cause I'm there a lot...and I don't see them.

I did see a plain black sweater though, and purchased it as a backdrop.

I then found felt ornaments featuring reindeer, christmas trees, gifts and snowflakes at Michaels, and took it upon myself to snip off the strings, and glue them onto my $3.49 sweater.
On the back, I glued wooden glitter letters to spell my name{to make my ugly sweater more jersey-licious}.

I paired my ugly sweater with a sort-of-too-tight-sort-of-too-short sequined skirt{because holiday = sequins} and red tights, to modest the whole thing up.

The party that I attended had a contest, and I did not win.

My Mom says its because my sweater was "cute".

I think its because a certain Brady rigged the election.

Have you gone to an ugly sweater party this year?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 15 - Freebies


 I love little details and I'm just over the moon when I can find little printables for different things.

Over the years, I've found many quality gift tag printables.  I just wanted to share some of my favorites.
For more printable goodies, follow my pinterest board!

{ Domestifluff }

{ ISLY }

{ Martha Stewart }

{ Eat Drink Chic }
{ Lemon Squeezy }
{Hey Look }

Friday, December 14, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 14 - Making a List

As much as Christmastime is about being nice, spreading joy and love, and various religious occasions, to overlook gifts would just be silly.

This year I'm asking Santa Claus for a few things.

{ earrings from A Merry Mishap }

{50 mm f/1.8 lens via Amazon }

{this print from Rifle Paper Company }

{i phone case via Case822...and an iphone}
{call me lame if you want to, but I still want a vintage Theta pin surrounded by opals{the one on the right}.  I'm just putting this out there in case someone ever happens to have one they want to sell.  Photo from unknown source & has been saved on my computer for years. }

{Iron & Wine print via Nate Duval }

What are you asking Santa for this year?
Jewelry? Art?  More old jewelry?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 13 - I Talk About Cards

I like cards.
You can tell because about them a gazillion times.

I just wanted to share what I've been up to.  No real words, just some of my organized mess.

I bought some cool herb stamps(worth 29 cents) to mix with my George Washington 20 cent stamps.

I also bought some weathervane stamps.

Why use those ugly American Flag stamps, when much cooler options are available?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Brandi Sized Holiday - Day 12 - Sexy Skirt

Beauregard is a special dog in that he likes to sleep on the softest space available, which is a pillow on the sofa.
However, when I see him do that, I yell, "BEAUREGARD.  GET OFF THE SOFA!"{most of the time}.

{ guilty dog }
Since I currently don't have an area rug, Beau has taken to laying under the Christmas Tree on the skirt, and then messing it up everytime he moves.

See my rumpled up, flat, boring white tree skirt, which may have begun life as a tablecloth.

I wanted my skirt to have more fluff, but I didn't want to buy anything, so I dug through my guest room closet and found this piece of work.

Look familiar?

Yes, this was part of my halloween costume from 2011, as well as my tree skirt from 2011. 

Well, a bright pink tutu didn't exactly fit with my color scheme, but it was free and fluffy, and 2/3 ain't bad so
I wrapped the tutu around my tree's base...

and then put the white tablecloth-treeskirt over it.

Hmm..better, but still not good enough.
Did you notice in the first photograph of my bad bad bear, that shiny sequined pillow?
Go on, scroll back up...I'll wait.
Yep, I made a pillowcover and had a bunch of that fabric left guess what I did?

Yep, a little more swaddling for the base of my tree.
I really like the unfussy pooling look it creates, and just like the crepe paper "curtains", it helps draw your eye from the glitter letters above the tree to the ground, and then back through the living room because of the matching pillow and stockings.
It can also be reused later for a sewing project, and cost me all of $7.50 from JoAnns with a coupon.

While it may not be a traditional tree skirt{since I care so much about traditions...cough sarcasm cough}, I think it works perfectly for the space I'm trying to create.

What have you used for a tree skirt?

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