Thursday, December 29, 2011

Will This Lady Ever Shut Up About Cards?

Will This Lady Ever Shut Up About Cards?
My office is pretty old.
It began in the early 1800s, so its safe to say that we've been dealing with the public for quite some time.
So, naturally, we get cards around the holidays(sometimes from people we don't even know!).
This card was sent to our office from a company in New Orleans...and all I want to say, is that I'm smitten.
I don't think I belong in the south, but this card screams southern charm, and
The back of the card is my favorite. 
The company that made them is called Scriptura and they also have a very cute shop on Magazine Street.
ps - Scriptura didn't pay me or compensate me for this, but if they want to, they absolutly can.


♥B said...

Love the cards! very cute :)

Happy New Year

With Love From, Michigan

Brandi said...

Thanks! Happy New Year!

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