Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

I have been contemplating purchasing a better camera for a while.
I've had my Kodak C813 since about 2006. 

For what it was, it wasn't too bad.
This camera took pictures for me in college.
Later, I realized that I could fool with some white balance and focus and exposure compensation.
I've been talking about a new camera for a week.
Then I went to turn on my Kodak yesterday...
No, thats not an artsy picture of some telephone poles.
Its my broken screen.
I even went to make sure it wasn't the batteries...and the battery door fell off.
If thats not a sign, I don't know what is.
Now, this little mister is shipping to my door

Canon EOS Rebel T2i !
My mom has a Nikon d40 & d90 and is a professional concert photographer and music journalist.  She said either a Nikon or a Canon would be fine for what I want and the cost was pretty similar.
A co-worker has the T3i, which I played with, and I generally lean towards Canon photos rather than Nikon, so I opted to get the T2i because of a.) price and b.) its basically the same camera as the T3i, but without some video capablities and without a swivel screen. 
I am super excited.

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