Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Old Fashioned Letter

An Old Fashioned Letter
I may not be the best pen pal, but I do enjoy a handwritten letter.
I'm a member of postcrossing, and each year I send out holiday cards to both my friends & family, and people from The Angel Card Project.
What is The Angel Card Project, you ask?
Well, their website best explains it, but in a few words, a man organizes a list of lonely, elderly or downtrodden folks(submitted by their loved ones) who could use a little cheering up, and then the address list is distributed to volunteers who send holiday cards out.
This is my third of fourth year in a row to participate, and usually I send about twelve cards. 
Last year I kept my list of who I sent to to compare to this year.
This year, I purchased my cards from Vista Print...along with matching address labels and some business cards for A Brandi Sized Shop for a pretty good price(under $15.00)
  If I hadn't gotten my matching address labels for next to nothing, I would have purchased more from the bohtieque etsy shop, like I did last year.
And you can't mail anything without postage, so I needed some stamps.

Shout out to the USPS for making these cute stamps.
Now that I have all my things, I can start mailing.
Twenty points for me...I've already mailed out to my mom & grams and my fantastic stylist(Erin!)
PS - Did you know that if you go to the post office, you can write your check out to "post office"...I wonder if when you go to Whole Foods, you can write your check out to "store"?
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