Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"You Could Be An Advent Calendar"

"You Could Be An Advent Calendar"

I may or may not have suggested this in the past when Courtney asked what she could be for Halloween.
I may or may not have dressed up like a Christmas Tree on two occasions.
I think there may have been a present under my dress, thus the awkward pregnant looking last picture. 
I know its not the same, but pinterest if full of cute advent calendars not involving candy(because I don't need another excuse to eat peanut butter m&ms every day), but rather involving cookie sheets which can be hung on the refrigerator using magnets. 
better homes & gardens via pinterest
tipjunkie via pinterest
living artfully via pinterest
Now, lets say these three advent calendar's made a mutant baby with this memo board...
Crate Paper Blog
Then you get mine!
One part messy living room and Cars on DVD:
Two parts useless-helper-bears:
A gajillion parts scrapbooking supplies which I had on hand:
And there you have it.
An advent calendar!
It looks red in my photos, but its really hot pink.
"Red is for whores and children", someone once told me, and that phrase has stuck with me for years since I don't like red. 
I was also sure to add some friend's birthday's, even if I had to only use initials for one. 
I'm still not sure what to do about taking off the numbers;  I'll probably just put them in a bowl on top of the refrigerator. 
Oh pinterest, thank you for inspiring me once again!


Megan said...

"Red is for whores and children." That's hilarious! I'll remember that :) LOVE the advent calendar! Looks great!

Brandi said...

Thanks Megan!

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