Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Well...if you don't like mint...I don't really care..."

"Well...if you don't like mint...I don't really care".

Various mint related things from my past:
  • In elementary school, there was a rumor going around that you could eat the paper from "Big Red" gum, and it was minty.  I fell for it.  It wasn't minty, it was paper-y.
  • Once, drunk Brandi said, "Oh no!  I've been drinking Southern Comfort straight!  I have to drink peppermint schnapps to cover up the liquor smell so my mom won't know!"  Great thinking, 17 year old self.
  • Holly's Holiday Party Circa 2010.  Picture this:  chocolate cupcakes, white icing and red sprinkles.  "Don't get excited.  Its not mint".
  • Surveyor's birthday today.  I made Chocolate Cupcakes with Minty Whipped Cream frosting.  I was going to make them last week, but figured I would wait until Mitch's birthday.  "Mitch, I made you cupcakes for your birthday...and if you don't like mint...I really don't care".  Oh, the love. 

note: chocolate cupcakes from a box, Dr. Oetker brand.  Could be sweeter.  No time to make from scratch.
note: Mint Whipped Cream Frosting recipe from Topped With Sprinkles and ohmyword, I really love whipped cream frosting.  So good!
note: The little starlight mints on top of the cupcakes should be added right before serving, because when I put them on last night, they ended up melty by the next morning, even when kept in the refrigerator. 

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Lost Cabin Vintage said...

Oh yes, another friend of the mint! I love it all...junior mints, peppermint tea, peppermint schnapps ( I love the 17 year old thinking by the way - i still think like that now!). The cupcakes....I reckon I could eat a whole tray :)
Toni xo (Lost Cabin)

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