Monday, November 7, 2011

Its November 7th and I'm in Love

Its November 7th and I'm in Love

I love November.
One day, in the far far future, I hope to get married in November(I guess my hopes for an 11/11/2011 wedding are pretty unrealistic).
November is cool and gray and leafy and lovely.
And I'm the secretary of the HOA. 
The secretary of the HOA is in charge of picking the "Yard of the Month" in our condominium complex and as I was chatting it up at the door with this month's winner, I noticed her adorable sofa and loveseat set in her home.
I was smitten.
My current sofa is the Leah by Ashley
Doesn't she look happy to be sitting on Miss Leah?
Miss Leah was a pretty bad decision.  My roommate and I needed a sofa(using an air mattress as a sofa b/c we couldn't afford one got kinda old...) and Leah was a $500 present from my grandmother, new, and comfortable...but why on earth I thought that a pink, green and beige striped sofa will fit in many future rooms is beyond me. 
Miss Leah does NOT fit in with my condo's style, even after she was slipcovered.   I've wanted something a little more structured and modern and easier to clean for a while, and seeing the November Yard of the Month girl's sofa, pushed me to go look.
Oh, and my other neighbor wants a new sofa too, so I took her with me.
This was the original reason for going furniture shopping:
The Fusion 4800
This is what November Yard of the Month has, with a matching loveseat. 
Now, I don't love how rumbled the cushions look after sitting on it(we just stood up) but
I believe the price for the two was close to $700.
Not too shabby.
Now, you all know that phrase,
 "On the way to what you wanted, something better comes along", right?
Well, on the way to the Fusion 4800, the Berhardt Brae Sofa came along.

Sheer Love.
Love and passion and maybe even a rendezvous after having a few beers at the bar.
Thats, how I feel about this sofa.
Just look at the upholstery.
Its a little bit course and tweed-like, but oh so attractive and comfortable...similar to a guy in a baseball cap that needs to shave, has a touch of whiskey breath and makes your heart flutter.
And the nailhead trim?
Gorgeous gorgeous like Mister Whiskey Breath who took just enough time to make sure to wear a nice belt and watch.
Great details.
Unfortunately, the Bernhardt is $1,400.00. 
I do not have $1,400.00 to spend on a sofa today, so I'm hoping that it will still be there after I add some tax credit money.
Mr. Whiskey Breath, you and Bernhardt need to please wait for me.  I'll be yours soon.  Just give it time.

Now, just to be real, we did hit up World Market as well and found the Morgan Collection.  Not exactly what I want(my heart lies with the Bernhardt), but not a bad choice for the price.  My neighbor liked him.
So, will my neighbor choose Morgan?
Will I be united in love with Bernhardt, or will I be stuck with Fusion because Bernhardt is destined to belong to another wealthier girl?
Stay tuned to find out...
Stay tuned a while...
tax credit time is January.

2 comments: said...

Have you considered buying the cheaper couch and adding the nail heads yourself? It would be pretty easy, and since the structure of the couch is simpler, you are more likely to keep liking it.

Brandi said...

That is a good idea, and I'll have to remember it when I start thinking about all the money I'll save.

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