Monday, November 21, 2011

Estate Sales

Estate Sales

Truth be told, I'm a fan of an estate sale. 
Dead person's stuff? Fine with me.
However, I do hate when something is listed in the newspaper/craigslist as "estate sale", then I drive there only to find a garage sale.
Even if you have cool stuff, I probably won't stick around because you're a liar.  A loud, obnoxious liar.
I did have great luck at one estate sale this weekend, and couldn't help but bring home some vintage goodies.  Some were for me and some were for A Brandi Sized Shop.  Here are some of the lovelies that I found.

Amazing Emrboidered Unfinished Pillow Number One. 
I've never snatched up a piece of fabric so fast in my life.  This baby is gonna be sewn together or framed and not put in the shop. 
 Seal Toy
Not Heidi Klum's hubby, in case you were wondering.  This will be hidden away in the guest room until future baby makes an appearance. 
Florida Florida Florida Mug
Cute, graphic, punchy. I'm tempted to keep it, but I think this little teacup wants to move away from Baton Rouge.
I have some other things waiting to be photographed(such as a washing powder "teapot" and another piece of embroidery), and I'll update when that is finished.
Until then,
 Have a good Monday & A Happy Chick-Fil-A-Day!

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"Even if you have cool stuff, I probably won't stick around because you're a liar."

Haha, love it. I'm just as stubborn.

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