Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not A Word-Less Wednesday

Not A WordLess Wednesday
Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Mass.
There's this little thing in blog-land called "Wordless Wednesday"...basically an excuse to post pictures and not really write anything.
  I really don't have any pictures(except I really have tons from Boston that I'm not ready to conquer yet), but I wanted to write something, so I decided to make a little random post a la' Friday Thoughts on Friday, without the bullet points.
I need the bullets.
I can't write in paragraphs; Courtney, don't think I've failed!
 Here goes:
Wednesday Thoughts on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011:
  • I was in Boston for 6 days, none of which were a Wednesday.  I loved the city.  I'll be going back.  But you knew that.  I already said that.  I knew that too, before I even left.  It was like a breath of fresh air, it was.  You know, its like this: Sometimes you know there are better things out there and you believe it with all your heart, and then one day you finally see it with your own eyes and you know that you can't brush it away of forget about it because its what your heart wants.  Thats kind of how the city felt.  Something like I imagine being in love feels like.  Sure, there are tons of historically significant things to see there, but I was content to walk to dinner, read a book, go run by the Charles and just be.  Sounds like love, to me.  
  • After getting all sentimental-like about Boston, I thought you would like to know that I am wearing an intricately embroidered light pink shirt which I purchased at Goodwill for $3.49.  There are no tags in said shirt, so I guess its hand wash only.  For whatever reason, I think of an asian girl wearing this shirt. 
  • I'm not asian, but I used to babysit three Asian-American kids, and the little girl used to call me "Miss Ban-dee".  "Jewsh(juice), Miss Ban-dee, I want jewsh."  Oh, Kayla, I hope you're doing well and not locking people out the house any more.
  • Beverages consumed today: home made iced coffee, sweet tea, 1.3 bottles of water.  Hydration fail.  Must drink water.  Must run better than yesterday(meaning three better than 10:42 minute miles...and thats my improved pace).
  • Saturday will be phenomenal.  Getting a much needed haircut & playing bridesmaid with Courtney.
I guess thats all I've got.  3:49 pm and my feet hurt from walking in non-walking shoes to lunch, and my supervisor might say I smell a little bit like a dog for going on that journey in the Louisiana heat, and my tummy might be a little too full from eating Chinese food three hours ago, but in terms of Wednesdays, I guess this one is pretty okay. 
Off to do some work, go run about, finish another yarn wreath for my shop(oooh, pink and sequens and glitter on this one!) and remember to be thankful for the lovely things in my life right now on this very day. 


Debbie @ OtRD said...

Sounds like a pretty good day!

I always find the neatest things at goodwill...

p.s. love your writing style!

Brandi said...

Wednesdays always get the shaft(in a not-good way) so I thought I would show it some love...
Goodwill is amazing, if not a little weird... Thanks for becoming my latest newest made my day! Specifically my rainy amazing Friday! : )

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