Monday, October 3, 2011

Making The Bed

Making The Bed

Not something that happens too often in Casa de Brandi...I think that occured maybe once this year...but we're not talking about how much action my sheets get...we're talking about how much action my flowerbed gets...after all, its at the front of my house & it deserves to put on a nice show for the neighborhood.
This, my dears, is not a nice show.
Its more like "Girls Gone Wild" wannabe filmed in the store room of a bar.
And this is after the initial cleaning out of all the dead Zinnias.
My front yard is a monet.
From far a way she's pretty cute, but up close, she's just a big old mess.
Two points if you know what movie thats from.
Overgrown rosebush.
Random coneflowers.
Amaryllis bulb which grows every year on my corner.
The first year it bloomed, I was thrilled something came up that I didn't plant.
Then I realized it was a red flower and I keep wanting to dig up the bulb, but every year a few people tell me they like it, so I haven't yet.
This might be its last year. 
I don't like many red things.
I'm a cool-colored fan. 
This purslane is ready to say goodbye, as its looking pretty gnarly as in tangled and gross, not gnarly as in surfer man with a nice set of abs.  Not to mention all the other overgrowth.
For the last two weeks, I've been struck with uber gardening motivation.
I checked out books from the library & talked to the lady at the nursery and finally on Saturday morning, I was ready to get my hands dirty.
Don't I look ready?
Doesn't my front yard look especially small with all this stuff on it?
I spent a good amount of time trimming up my rosebush, pulling weeds from my lariope(aka Monkey Grass), and cutting the leaves off that damn Amaryllis.  Then I spent some more good times adding topsoil & compost to my bed after adding a second row of bricks to be my border.  The purple coneflowers saw it all happening, as they were lucky enough to stay.
Good ole' perrenials. 
Next up, the stars of the show...the flowers.
 Wave Petunias
Crossandra(Summer Blooming Perennial which I got for $0.75)
'Partytime' Joseph's Coat(another Summer blooming perennial which I got for $0.75)...I think its supposed to be full, but I fell in love with its spindley-ness.

Beautiful Dianthus for the planter.

These photos doesn't include the daffodil bulbs I planted...because I really want some daffodils.   
Then I made a "plan".
The Joseph's Coat didn't make it into the front yard, as he found a better home on the patio, but here is the final product:
She's still pretty unfinished.  I need to plant a few more snapdragons, but being that I cannot move from all the gardening I did, I'm not in a rush to purchase them.  I also need to reposition Jim Crow and throw away the topsoil bag hiding in my broken pot, but besides that, its definitly an improvement. 
Stay tuned for more updates.

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