Monday, October 10, 2011

"Lettuce go to Goodwill"

"Lettuce go to Goodwill"

Last Friday, I was in a pissy mood so I went to Hobby Lobby to buy various wreath-making things my etsy shop.  I should've bought more than one of everything because I got a special request on Saturday, which I'll write all about in the next few days.
so pissy Brandi went to Hob Lob which just-so-happens to be right next to Goodwill...
and Casa Maria...
and Cato...
and Dollar Tree.
Is Dollar Tree always next to Hobby Lobby?
After I finished buying my crafty things I went into Goodwill and saw this here bench-table-type thing. 
Now, I will admit that I was pretty smitten with this piece of furniture, and thought it would make a really cool TV stand for my circa-1992 television which still resides in my living room since I feel no need to update because I only turn my TV on to watch a DVD or let my favorite nine year old or Julie play Super Nintendo.
I was thinking it would look great in a lime green-type color.
However it was $30.00, doesn't fit in my itsy bitsy car, and the shelf pieces weren't sturdy, so I decided to walk on by.
Then the rabbits...
A ceramic bowl?  Cookie jar?  Who knows...but it was $7.99.
And then this crazy wooden easter thing.
I forgot to look at th price, but I'm thinking ti was around $14.99.
For $14.99, you can have nightmares about Easter.

So, these are the fine jewels from my local Goodwill that I did not purchase...and there were no jewels that I did really this post doesn't have much meaning.
Thanks for looking though!

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