Friday, October 21, 2011

I Brought the Weather not the Ruckus

I Brought the Weather not the Ruckus
  • 4:02 pm
  • Back from Boston.
  • Don't really want to be back down south.
  • I brought the weather with me.
  • It was 80something in Louisiana when I left, and the day I came back, we have lows in the 30s.
  • I'll be going back to Boston next winter to see if I can handle it.
  • Then maybe thing about moving.
  • Its so clean.
  • Its so pretty.
  • I met Nathaniel Hawthorne.
  • Please see photo above.
  • I'm wearing that outfit again today because I thought it was pretty cute.
  • I just heard that the governor's election is tomorrow.
  • I guess that means I've been living under a rock.
  • I work for the state, so I can't really say anything, but I know who I'm not voting for.
  • Boo at the Zoo is tomorrow too, and being a flamingo is much more exciting.
  • 4:18 pm

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