Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghost Cookies at the Front Counter

Ghost Cookies at the Front Counter

Pinterest is full of cute ideas.
Recipes, fashion, witty sayings, crafty name it, its there.
ps: I'm linking up with Katie Bower over at her Fall Pinterest Challenge
I decided I would try my hand at these ghost cookies from Freckleberry Finds

 Go look at her link, and you'll see exactly what I did..mostly.
No mini chocolate chips to be eyes, mostly because I'm cheep cheep(chickens? easter? no.), just the sparkly gel which never really dries, and thus I had ghosties with un-seasonal allergies. 
One ghostie had a "parka" on because apparently he had a fever and was chilly.
The rest of the ghosties only got a half coat for two reasons:
 one: those ghosties had no fever. 
two: dipping them all the way was too much effort.
I ran out of room on the pan covered in foil paper, and decided to put some ghosties on a plate.
  ghosties don't like plates because the almond bark dries onto the plate and their heads come off.
Nothing worse than a headless ghostie.
So, I brought these cuties to work as my Halloween contribution.  We have a big front counter at my work, where various foods get placed when someone brings sweets to share, and the little ghosties flew off the front counter!
Now, I'm not a huge fan of cooking, but I like baking but don't always have time, so this was something "bakey" enough to put me in a good mood.
Cute little ghosties.
I'm done making up the life story of my semi-home made cookies and moving on to searching pinterest for chocolate cupcakes with whipped peppermint frosting.
I hear they're more of the party animal types...


Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

So cute! I recently pinned a santa version of these. Pinning yours now!

Here is my pinterest challenge post, if you're interested

xo said...

"and thus I had ghosties with un-seasonal allergies."

I felt a bit like a mad woman when I was sitting here laughing out loud to that.

Brandi said...

: ) Thanks for your comment!

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