Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back from the SXM, Part Four...

Back from the SXM, Part Four
aka the almost-last part
aka its finally cool outside in Louisiana so I can begin blogging about the tropical island I visited two months ago again.

You guys may not remember it, but once upon a time I wrote about my trip to the Caribbean here, here, and here and this is the fourth installment. 
After we spent the day on the French side of the island, we spent the next two days lounging about on the beach. 

Oh, "Summer Sisters"...
The first day there was dog-tastic.   A group of people in front of us had this little black and white dog we lovingly referred to as "Rupert" and there were various strays roaming about looking for rogue french fries to eat.
Besides our four-legged friends, there were also women offering to braid our hair.  I really really wanted to do that, but Courtney asked me if I wanted lice, and I said no...
and so I didn't get any braids. 
Boo hoo.
The beach was gorgeous.
Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!

Then it started getting dark...then it rained on us...so we took shelter under the little food-hut-bar-thing and had a tropical drink.
I forget what this one was called...I keep wanting to say "Coconut Thriller", but I know I just made that up. 
Twas also tasty.
Our second beach day was admittedly more interesting. 
We arrived earlier to get a better chair location and the sky showed no signs of rain. 

We could only sit and read for so long, before we felt the need to get up and explore.  First up the rocky jungle.
The pigeon-toed explorer.

We spent most of our time in the water.  We swam about half the length of the "bay area" beginning at the rocky outcrop on the left.
We said it was a mile.
We don't know if thats true.
We know that it was fun and not that easy.
Shout out to Court for learning to swim this past Summer!
We saw tons of cool fish.
Polka dot fish.  Clown fish.  Purple & Gold LSU fish.  Jailbird striped fish.  Fish.  Fish.  Fish. 
Most of them were hanging out near the rocks.
It was like an aquatic club la vila.
I wanted to see the fish up close, so we hiked to "town" which is about a fifteen minute walk to buy goggles.
Obligitory photo with a sign.
       Once I purchased my overpriced goggles, we walked back to the beach & we played in the water some more.
I was damn well determined to "catch" a fish, but they were quick little guys. 
No fish caught.
Boo hoo.
Court decided she was hot and tired from all of our physical activity that day, so she took a little break and went to the bar-food-hut thing and I took this as my opportunity to be french...if you catch my drift.
Not frenchy
Ten minutes of frenchiness, and I was a little concerned about sunburning, but even more concerned about how awkward I would feel putting on lotion sunscreen, so I opted to just be American again.
I would do it again though, if I had prepared with sunscreen while at home.
After our adventures involving fish, rum drinks, rocks and toplessness, we were two tired muskateers, so we called upon Courtney's fiancee to come pick us up and drive us back to the condo.
See...so tired I had to sleep on a rock!
Two busy-relaxing beach days behind us, we prepared to spend the day in St. Phillipsburg on Saturday...stay tuned!


courtney marie said...

You make our lives seem so interesting! I think we should expand our world travel beyond the Mexico/Caribbean area. I think that next summer (and by next summer I really mean next, next summer [2013]) we should go to London and various European places.

Ello. Ello gov'na!

Brandi said...

Our lives are interesting!

Woo, Summer 2013 sounds like a plan...maybe we'll meet the Kelloggs Bird across the pond! Must start saving money now.

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