Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghost Cookies at the Front Counter

Ghost Cookies at the Front Counter

Pinterest is full of cute ideas.
Recipes, fashion, witty sayings, crafty name it, its there.
ps: I'm linking up with Katie Bower over at her Fall Pinterest Challenge
I decided I would try my hand at these ghost cookies from Freckleberry Finds

 Go look at her link, and you'll see exactly what I did..mostly.
No mini chocolate chips to be eyes, mostly because I'm cheep cheep(chickens? easter? no.), just the sparkly gel which never really dries, and thus I had ghosties with un-seasonal allergies. 
One ghostie had a "parka" on because apparently he had a fever and was chilly.
The rest of the ghosties only got a half coat for two reasons:
 one: those ghosties had no fever. 
two: dipping them all the way was too much effort.
I ran out of room on the pan covered in foil paper, and decided to put some ghosties on a plate.
  ghosties don't like plates because the almond bark dries onto the plate and their heads come off.
Nothing worse than a headless ghostie.
So, I brought these cuties to work as my Halloween contribution.  We have a big front counter at my work, where various foods get placed when someone brings sweets to share, and the little ghosties flew off the front counter!
Now, I'm not a huge fan of cooking, but I like baking but don't always have time, so this was something "bakey" enough to put me in a good mood.
Cute little ghosties.
I'm done making up the life story of my semi-home made cookies and moving on to searching pinterest for chocolate cupcakes with whipped peppermint frosting.
I hear they're more of the party animal types...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fatty-Mac-Fatterson is Not a Slut.


  • 2:41 pm
  • Fried entree & fried side for lunch and a coke.
  • Who feels like a fatty-mac-fatterson?
  • C'mon...I know I have some cousins and aunts out there somewhere.
  • Maybe some brothers and sisters?
  • Yep, I knew I had some...I knew I wasn't the only one out there to make bad decisions concerning food and drink today.
  • Its Halloween Weekend!
  • I'm quite positive more bad decisions will be made this weekend(not me! I 'm staying in.) by all the sexy candy corns and sexy witches and sexy nurses and sexy turnips out there.
  • They will think that the guy dressed up like a traffic cone is the sexiest traffic cone they've ever seen, and after two or three monster-mash-margaritas they'll want to see a little more of him.
  • Halloween is national "dress like a slut" day and I'm not really a fan of that.
  • If I want to dress like a slut, I'll do it in the privacy of my own home.
  • Beau & Sasha don't judge me.
  • Sasha bear understands, shes a floozy.
  • Not by choice, she's an ex-puppy mill mama dog.
  • Now she's a pretty girl with a bad brother and a comfortable home and an ewok haircut.
  • My, my how our homes can change.
  • Who knows, one day I might have a home with a giant fountain in the front and chickens in the yard.
  • Or flamingos.
  • Happy Halloween Weekend!
  • 2:52 pm

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not A Word-Less Wednesday

Not A WordLess Wednesday
Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Mass.
There's this little thing in blog-land called "Wordless Wednesday"...basically an excuse to post pictures and not really write anything.
  I really don't have any pictures(except I really have tons from Boston that I'm not ready to conquer yet), but I wanted to write something, so I decided to make a little random post a la' Friday Thoughts on Friday, without the bullet points.
I need the bullets.
I can't write in paragraphs; Courtney, don't think I've failed!
 Here goes:
Wednesday Thoughts on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011:
  • I was in Boston for 6 days, none of which were a Wednesday.  I loved the city.  I'll be going back.  But you knew that.  I already said that.  I knew that too, before I even left.  It was like a breath of fresh air, it was.  You know, its like this: Sometimes you know there are better things out there and you believe it with all your heart, and then one day you finally see it with your own eyes and you know that you can't brush it away of forget about it because its what your heart wants.  Thats kind of how the city felt.  Something like I imagine being in love feels like.  Sure, there are tons of historically significant things to see there, but I was content to walk to dinner, read a book, go run by the Charles and just be.  Sounds like love, to me.  
  • After getting all sentimental-like about Boston, I thought you would like to know that I am wearing an intricately embroidered light pink shirt which I purchased at Goodwill for $3.49.  There are no tags in said shirt, so I guess its hand wash only.  For whatever reason, I think of an asian girl wearing this shirt. 
  • I'm not asian, but I used to babysit three Asian-American kids, and the little girl used to call me "Miss Ban-dee".  "Jewsh(juice), Miss Ban-dee, I want jewsh."  Oh, Kayla, I hope you're doing well and not locking people out the house any more.
  • Beverages consumed today: home made iced coffee, sweet tea, 1.3 bottles of water.  Hydration fail.  Must drink water.  Must run better than yesterday(meaning three better than 10:42 minute miles...and thats my improved pace).
  • Saturday will be phenomenal.  Getting a much needed haircut & playing bridesmaid with Courtney.
I guess thats all I've got.  3:49 pm and my feet hurt from walking in non-walking shoes to lunch, and my supervisor might say I smell a little bit like a dog for going on that journey in the Louisiana heat, and my tummy might be a little too full from eating Chinese food three hours ago, but in terms of Wednesdays, I guess this one is pretty okay. 
Off to do some work, go run about, finish another yarn wreath for my shop(oooh, pink and sequens and glitter on this one!) and remember to be thankful for the lovely things in my life right now on this very day. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats

Around these parts, Halloween is something to be celebrated.  My neighbor, Julie, prefers scary decor, while I'm into more autumnal things with pumpkins and acorns and lattes.
Who am I kidding, I'm always up for a latte.
Its no big secret that I'm on my condominium's Home Owners Association Board and I wanted to do something for the residents of our community. 
Now, that being said, the board is not rich and we definitely couldn't spend the HOA money to buy candy and treats, so I took it upon myself to purchase some goodies(with coupons, of course!) and put together little treat bags.

One of the most fun parts of making treat bags, is finding amazing printables.

Using snack sized zip top bags, I filled each with four treats, and added a halloween tag which I had printed on cardstock.

Please notice all the candy in neat little rows in the background.  OCD much?  Need a better example?
Perfect little rows or miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
Pure magic, I tell you.
After arranging the candy just-so, I expected to hole-punch the bags so that I could tie a ribbon and hang it on people's doorknobs because
I'm not into knocking and saying, "Hi, I'm on the HOA, here's some candy and an awkward 3 minute conversation for you".
This is when the photos stop.
Plastic doesn't hole punch well, so I added stapled orange paper to one end and then hole-punched that.
I'll post a picture of the finished product in a few days once I hang the treat bags.
Until then, here is a photo of diabetes in a bag.
Happy Few-Days-Before-Halloween!

Friday, October 21, 2011

I Brought the Weather not the Ruckus

I Brought the Weather not the Ruckus
  • 4:02 pm
  • Back from Boston.
  • Don't really want to be back down south.
  • I brought the weather with me.
  • It was 80something in Louisiana when I left, and the day I came back, we have lows in the 30s.
  • I'll be going back to Boston next winter to see if I can handle it.
  • Then maybe thing about moving.
  • Its so clean.
  • Its so pretty.
  • I met Nathaniel Hawthorne.
  • Please see photo above.
  • I'm wearing that outfit again today because I thought it was pretty cute.
  • I just heard that the governor's election is tomorrow.
  • I guess that means I've been living under a rock.
  • I work for the state, so I can't really say anything, but I know who I'm not voting for.
  • Boo at the Zoo is tomorrow too, and being a flamingo is much more exciting.
  • 4:18 pm

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Enchanted Makeovers

Enchanted Makeovers

Last Saturday, after spending the morning thrifting and creating a near sorority wreath for my etsy shop, I checked my e-mail to find a request from Terry Grahl of Enchanted Makeovers.  If you've never heard of her organization, in a nutshell, it helps beautify women's shelters around the world so that those living there will not feel like they are at a shelter, but rather a safe place in a time of chaos.
Photo from Enchanted Makeovers
Her organization is looking for etsy sellers to donate their wares to the project, and I agreed to donate a yarn wreath in the style shown below with specific letters(rather than ZTA) with a special meaning to her organization.
I look foreward to helping such a good organization.  If anyone would like to help, please contact contact Terry.

Monday, October 10, 2011

"Lettuce go to Goodwill"

"Lettuce go to Goodwill"

Last Friday, I was in a pissy mood so I went to Hobby Lobby to buy various wreath-making things my etsy shop.  I should've bought more than one of everything because I got a special request on Saturday, which I'll write all about in the next few days.
so pissy Brandi went to Hob Lob which just-so-happens to be right next to Goodwill...
and Casa Maria...
and Cato...
and Dollar Tree.
Is Dollar Tree always next to Hobby Lobby?
After I finished buying my crafty things I went into Goodwill and saw this here bench-table-type thing. 
Now, I will admit that I was pretty smitten with this piece of furniture, and thought it would make a really cool TV stand for my circa-1992 television which still resides in my living room since I feel no need to update because I only turn my TV on to watch a DVD or let my favorite nine year old or Julie play Super Nintendo.
I was thinking it would look great in a lime green-type color.
However it was $30.00, doesn't fit in my itsy bitsy car, and the shelf pieces weren't sturdy, so I decided to walk on by.
Then the rabbits...
A ceramic bowl?  Cookie jar?  Who knows...but it was $7.99.
And then this crazy wooden easter thing.
I forgot to look at th price, but I'm thinking ti was around $14.99.
For $14.99, you can have nightmares about Easter.

So, these are the fine jewels from my local Goodwill that I did not purchase...and there were no jewels that I did really this post doesn't have much meaning.
Thanks for looking though!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Nebraska, Nebraska, I Love You!


  • 2:16 pm
  • Funky breath and a headache.
  • Headache the size of NEBRASKA.
  • I've been saying that for years.
  • Lady Gaga.
  • "Something...something about my cool Nebraska guy..."
  • Not moving to Omaha even though the Counting Crows wrote a song about it.
  • corn fields
  • corn mazes.
  • I always wanted to go, just not in the dark.
  • What if a real murderer got in there, and instead of pretend cutting you up with a chain saw, he for-real cut you up with a chainsaw?
  • What if I have lyphoma because that random cyst on my neck might be back?
  • I'm pretty sure I don't.
  • But what if?
  • Who's supposed to take care of me?
  • Beauregard?
  • Spaniel's can't be doctors.
  • My grandma's spaniel caught a blue jay and got bird blood and feathers and bones all over her house...
  • "Something...something about the chase"
  • Spaniel = murderer, not doctor.
  • Spaniel should not work at the corn maze.
  • Spaniels do not have jobs(except to wake me up in the middle of the night).
  • Spaniels don't earn money.
  • According to a blog I read, people in New York call one dollar bills "singles". 
  • Ugh. 
  • Headache.
  • "Something about...Baby, You and I"
  • 2:31 pm

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back from the SXM, Part Four...

Back from the SXM, Part Four
aka the almost-last part
aka its finally cool outside in Louisiana so I can begin blogging about the tropical island I visited two months ago again.

You guys may not remember it, but once upon a time I wrote about my trip to the Caribbean here, here, and here and this is the fourth installment. 
After we spent the day on the French side of the island, we spent the next two days lounging about on the beach. 

Oh, "Summer Sisters"...
The first day there was dog-tastic.   A group of people in front of us had this little black and white dog we lovingly referred to as "Rupert" and there were various strays roaming about looking for rogue french fries to eat.
Besides our four-legged friends, there were also women offering to braid our hair.  I really really wanted to do that, but Courtney asked me if I wanted lice, and I said no...
and so I didn't get any braids. 
Boo hoo.
The beach was gorgeous.
Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!

Then it started getting dark...then it rained on we took shelter under the little food-hut-bar-thing and had a tropical drink.
I forget what this one was called...I keep wanting to say "Coconut Thriller", but I know I just made that up. 
Twas also tasty.
Our second beach day was admittedly more interesting. 
We arrived earlier to get a better chair location and the sky showed no signs of rain. 

We could only sit and read for so long, before we felt the need to get up and explore.  First up the rocky jungle.
The pigeon-toed explorer.

We spent most of our time in the water.  We swam about half the length of the "bay area" beginning at the rocky outcrop on the left.
We said it was a mile.
We don't know if thats true.
We know that it was fun and not that easy.
Shout out to Court for learning to swim this past Summer!
We saw tons of cool fish.
Polka dot fish.  Clown fish.  Purple & Gold LSU fish.  Jailbird striped fish.  Fish.  Fish.  Fish. 
Most of them were hanging out near the rocks.
It was like an aquatic club la vila.
I wanted to see the fish up close, so we hiked to "town" which is about a fifteen minute walk to buy goggles.
Obligitory photo with a sign.
       Once I purchased my overpriced goggles, we walked back to the beach & we played in the water some more.
I was damn well determined to "catch" a fish, but they were quick little guys. 
No fish caught.
Boo hoo.
Court decided she was hot and tired from all of our physical activity that day, so she took a little break and went to the bar-food-hut thing and I took this as my opportunity to be french...if you catch my drift.
Not frenchy
Ten minutes of frenchiness, and I was a little concerned about sunburning, but even more concerned about how awkward I would feel putting on lotion sunscreen, so I opted to just be American again.
I would do it again though, if I had prepared with sunscreen while at home.
After our adventures involving fish, rum drinks, rocks and toplessness, we were two tired muskateers, so we called upon Courtney's fiancee to come pick us up and drive us back to the condo. tired I had to sleep on a rock!
Two busy-relaxing beach days behind us, we prepared to spend the day in St. Phillipsburg on Saturday...stay tuned!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Making The Bed

Making The Bed

Not something that happens too often in Casa de Brandi...I think that occured maybe once this year...but we're not talking about how much action my sheets get...we're talking about how much action my flowerbed gets...after all, its at the front of my house & it deserves to put on a nice show for the neighborhood.
This, my dears, is not a nice show.
Its more like "Girls Gone Wild" wannabe filmed in the store room of a bar.
And this is after the initial cleaning out of all the dead Zinnias.
My front yard is a monet.
From far a way she's pretty cute, but up close, she's just a big old mess.
Two points if you know what movie thats from.
Overgrown rosebush.
Random coneflowers.
Amaryllis bulb which grows every year on my corner.
The first year it bloomed, I was thrilled something came up that I didn't plant.
Then I realized it was a red flower and I keep wanting to dig up the bulb, but every year a few people tell me they like it, so I haven't yet.
This might be its last year. 
I don't like many red things.
I'm a cool-colored fan. 
This purslane is ready to say goodbye, as its looking pretty gnarly as in tangled and gross, not gnarly as in surfer man with a nice set of abs.  Not to mention all the other overgrowth.
For the last two weeks, I've been struck with uber gardening motivation.
I checked out books from the library & talked to the lady at the nursery and finally on Saturday morning, I was ready to get my hands dirty.
Don't I look ready?
Doesn't my front yard look especially small with all this stuff on it?
I spent a good amount of time trimming up my rosebush, pulling weeds from my lariope(aka Monkey Grass), and cutting the leaves off that damn Amaryllis.  Then I spent some more good times adding topsoil & compost to my bed after adding a second row of bricks to be my border.  The purple coneflowers saw it all happening, as they were lucky enough to stay.
Good ole' perrenials. 
Next up, the stars of the show...the flowers.
 Wave Petunias
Crossandra(Summer Blooming Perennial which I got for $0.75)
'Partytime' Joseph's Coat(another Summer blooming perennial which I got for $0.75)...I think its supposed to be full, but I fell in love with its spindley-ness.

Beautiful Dianthus for the planter.

These photos doesn't include the daffodil bulbs I planted...because I really want some daffodils.   
Then I made a "plan".
The Joseph's Coat didn't make it into the front yard, as he found a better home on the patio, but here is the final product:
She's still pretty unfinished.  I need to plant a few more snapdragons, but being that I cannot move from all the gardening I did, I'm not in a rush to purchase them.  I also need to reposition Jim Crow and throw away the topsoil bag hiding in my broken pot, but besides that, its definitly an improvement. 
Stay tuned for more updates.

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