Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Refrigerators

Happy Refrigerators

Last week was one of my co-worker's birthdays. 
I took it upon myself to cut out little paper flags and glue them to toothpicks.
I also took it upon myself to make fig cupcakes with cream cheese icing.

I did not follow the icing recipe to a tee. I put about half the sugar and 3/4 the butter because I like cream cheese icing to be cream-cheesy...not sugary. 
Baking is stress relief for me.
Especially if I can really take my time, and clean along the way.  These opportunities don't happen much, so when they do, I'll take them.  Having a messy kitchen makes me not want to do anything. 

My cupcakes came out fantastically.
And my refrigerator looks much happier.  : )
PS - Happy Birthday, Larry!

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