Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Success on a Saturday

Success on a Saturday...

So, this past Saturday I got to work on all the projects I mentioned last week
Most of them, I am happy with, so lets take a closer look at the successes.
Numero Uno:
Jim Crow is now spruced up and ready to welcome the Autumn-time(minus his beak).

Numero Dos:
Exterior vent is now secured to my home.  No more Timothy Q. Mouse.

Numero Tres:
I now have an illuminated doorbell to harken me to the door.
I purchased a standard exterior doorbell in a yucky gold color for about $5.00 since the ORB one was $15.00, then spray painted it ORB to match my door's hardware. 

Numero Quatro
My back patio light got a new coat of paint.  This illuminating gem(which reminds me of something a statue might hold...maybe the Statue of Liberty?) worked fine, but needed some Oil Rubbed Bronze in her life.  Rather than take it down, I took the easy way out, and spray painted while still attached to the wall.

Pretty good, if you ask me.  Stay tuned for details on the front door.  It may or may not be a success. 

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