Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Its August & My House Looks Like Halloween"

"Its August & My House Looks Like Halloween"

Those are some great Picnik skills.
No, my house isn't that scary, but there are some things I would like to update this weekend. 
Mostly little things.
As some of you know, I don't have a huge desire to stay in the south for the rest of my life, and one day I'll need to sell my condo, and rather than be one of those people who fixes everything right before I move, I want to start fixing things now.
Lets start with the front of the house.

The bigest thing I want to do this weekend is paint my front door.
There must be something in the air.
I will admit that I was pretty excited to see that John and Sherry painted theirs this past weekend(and what a fun yellow color!).  I will not be painting any fun colors because the HOA has exterior uniformity rules.
Sadly, no dreamy coral front door.

I'm not complaining.
I think it looks better in a condominium setting to have continuity.   
Oh, and I'm on the Board.
Either way, our doors can be either white or Barn Rafter by Farrell Calhoun.
Farrell Calhoun is not cheap paint, and they are not open when I'm not at work, so I'm hoping that Lowes can color match to this online swatch I found.

See, the Barn Rafter looks much better.
Not to mention the white paint job that is currently on my house is pretty darn crappy.
Besides, nothing is stopping me from painting my back exterior door a dreamy coral or yellow or teal. 
Next up, the doorbell.
The light is out, and its ugly, so I'm going to replace it.
I figure, if I can replace an outlet, I can replace a doorbell.

Moving on, I want to spray paint some things.
Like this happy little crow that welcomes everyone to my slightly overgrown garden.

I just decided that I would start calling him Jim Crow.
The crow in Dumbo was named Jim Crow, and its almost Dumbo's 65th anniversary or something, so that will be my little ode to the elephant with oversized ears.
PS - When I have kids, they're having elephants in their room.
Like this one from Rabbits Moon Etsy Shop.
Photo Via Rabbits Moon Etsy Shop
Woah, digression.
I also want to spray paint my old light fixtrue thats on my back patio.
A nice ORB, like the rest of blog land is doing right now.
Speaking of the patio, the little vent thing that diverts air from the dryer to outside seems to have fallen off.
Like two months ago.
So, there's probably an animal sleeping in my dryer during the day.
I don't think its Dumbo, but maybe Timothy Q. Mouse.
And Beau seems to think I should stop watering the weeds growing in my flowerpot and plant something autumnal. 

One day I'll get back to vacation blogging. 

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