Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!

Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!

My twenty sixth birthday birthday birthday was last Saturday, and I'll I've been doing is eating eating eating since last Tuesday.
Wednesday night, my neighbor made Coffee Cake. Yum.
Thursday I went to lunch with a good friend and had Caesar Salad from La Madeleine & TCBY, only to come back to the office to a surprise party with Carrot Cake & Mexican Dip(my supervisor knows the way to my heart).
I look really different with straight hair.
My very long list of dislikes(b/c I tend to complain at work).
My coworker's son even came.  Ya'll...he's the cutest four year old ever.  Little Ava got herself a catch!
Friday Night I went to eat with my neighbors at ZEA's.  Great chicken sandwich with great corn grits and good cupcakes for dessert. 
All thats left of the cupcakes.
Saturday, I went to the NOLA to visit Courtney and she and I went for breakfast at The Lucky Ladle on Magazine Street. 
I don't eat breakfast out very much, but I would be happy to return here again.  Food was great as well as reasonably priced & the atmosphere was unique and comfortable.  Our waitress was also very attentive. 
I do wonder if the owner is a Kappa Kappa Gamma because of so much light and dark blue in the place.

After breakfast, we went to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and the most memorable part was trespassing.
Trespassing you say?
Well, not exactly.
Next door to the modern art museum building the Confederate Museum and then the Patrick F. Taylor Library, which was originally designed by Henry H. Richardson, a famous architect, with this being his only work in the south.   
Library, Confederate Museum, Art Museum; Photo from Wikipedia
 The back of the art museum juts up against the library(the Confederate Museum is not that big) and apparently a wall has been torn down that will connect the two after renovation is complete of the library.
In the back of the first floor exhibit, there was an old spiral-y staircase where I think a little rope barrier was supposed to be.
There was not one, so I said I was going up the stairs.
Courtney said, "I don't think you're supposed to go up there..." but I went anyway...I mean, this sign was in the stairwell...surely someone goes up there?
It may have said "no red wine", but nothing about "no Brandy". 
It was a big dark room with big wooden floors and a big sandstone fireplace and a big urn and an eerie feeling that followed me until I left the museum. The third floor did have a do-not-enter rope. 
 After the museum we walked around Magazine Street some more, enjoyed some boat drinks, looked at all the cute shops only making me want to lease this mid-century building located at
4173 Government Street , and had dessert at Sucre'.  I had coffee and two macarons(salted caramel & almond) which did not compare to the legit french macarons at Sarafina's but were still pretty amazing.
And such good presentation!
And such was my birthday.
I'll admit it.
It was probably my favorite birthday of my twenties.
Relaxed, yummy, restful & very much "me".
Twenty six, I hope you're fantastic!

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