Friday, August 26, 2011

Back from the SXM, Part Three?

Back from the SXM, Part Three


The French Side

As you all know, St. Maarten is half French & half Dutch, and we stayed on the Dutch side 90% of the time we were there, however, the second day was rainy and dreary, and I was headachey and sneezy, so we decided that was not a beach day. 
Courtney's fiancee drove us into Marigot(the French happenin' "city" where we ate lunch at Sarafina's(an authentic French Patisserie), walked around, found a Forever 21, and purchased the kind of Sudafed they keep behind the counter in America.

After that, we took home some authentic French macarons which I took about six thousand pictures of.
I chose Vanilla & Pistachio, but given the chance, I would go back and try every flavor since they were so delicious.   
We were into dessert.
You can also see the Rice Krispies in the background of some of the macaron pictures.
Damn Krispies.
They're my vice.
I think I at half the bag.
Or More.

That night, we grilled some veggies, drank some beer and water, and started our Jeopardy Tournament.

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