Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back from the SXM, Part One

Back from the SXM

Part One, 
"My first flight, Hurricane Emily, and a breakfast burger"

St. Martin
St. Maarten
Sint Maarten
the SXM

Last Tuesday I took my first flight as an adult...alone.
I flew in seventh grade to Washington, DC, but things were quite different from then.  There is lots of security, no parents, and I have better fashion sense. 

My flight left New Orleans at six am(the NOLA airport is kinda ghetto) to arrive in Miami at nine am(two hour flight, one time zone jump).
I searched for a breakfast sandwhich, but found none, so I settled for an iced coffee and a KIND bar from Starbucks, which was enough to fuel me for the three hour flight from Miami to St. Maarten.
Fun Fact: The planes land so close to the beach that you can almost touch them at the Princess Julianna Airport.
I arrived, on time, in the SXM, went through immigration, and met my dear friend Courtney and her fiance'.
I informed them that I was STAR-VING and so we ate at the Tropical Cafe which is right next to the airport so that we could watch more planes fly in.  
Now, Hurricane Emily was in the Caribbean at that point, so about five minutes after sitting down at a table in the middle of the semi-enclosed resturaunt, it started pouring. 

They had to cover the TV with a garbage bag.
  That just gave us more time to look at the menu.

Pine Juice?
I already feel out of place...but in a good way.
I ordered an Aloha Jumbie and a Bacon Egg and Cheese Burger.
The Jumbie was a pina-colada tasting drink, but not frozen, and the burger...
oh, the burger...
Maybe because I was starving?
Maybe because it was like the love child of a burger and a breakfast sandwhich?
It was ah-maze-zing.
By the time the burger arrived, the rain had stopped, but it was still dreary.
Dreary or not, still a pretty view.

And so began my prettiest vacation yet.

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syllatham said...

Im so jealousy that you got to watch the plans land...I missed out on that :(
Cant wait to see the rest of your photos and read part 2 of your trip to the island.

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