Saturday, August 13, 2011

Adventures in Plumbing-land

Adventures in Plumbing-land

I would like to interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging about my vacation to blog about something cooler.
Apparently, my blog was more interesting when I used to blog about house things and thrifty finds and vintage wares. 
Well, haters, here is a post for you.

I decided to update my circa 1982 shower head with one I picked up at Bed Bath & Beyond for $15.00. 
Originally $20.00, but like everyone else in America, I used a 20% off coupon that comes in the mail every week.  These coupons have expiration dates, but the store still honors them past that date.
Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but I sure do love me some coupons. 
I think mine was from February 2010.
No matter, I purchased this Delta Chrome 5-Spray Shower Head 

image via Bed Bath & Beyond

I had high hopes for this guy, beginning with easy installation.
To go with the new shower head, I also purchased a new flange since my old one had been painted on by both myself, and someone who once decided mocha was a great bathroom color, and a wrench to help take off the old shower head.
Preparation at its best!
  • First, I hoped that I could unscrew the old one by hand, but quickly realized I can't reach it, so I borrowed a step stool from a neighbor. 
Thanks Ms. Anna!
  • After fooling with the old shower head for about two seconds, I realized the wrench I purchased was too small.
  • Go borrow a wrench from my other neighbor.
Thanks Corey!
  • Try to unscrew the old shower head, but just manage to break off a piece. 
"Was that piece necessary?  Oh well...I guess I have to fix this today. Wow!  Check out my leg muscle!" 
  • Upon further inspection, realize that the old shower head is calcified due to 28 years of water.
  • Go to the closest store which might have CLR(for those of you who do not know, CLR is "Calcium Lime & Rust" Remover.
  • Get a nifty coupon because it's my birthday this month from CVS!

CVS earned some serious points in my book for that.
  • Gather all of my tools and parts to finish this project.
  • Mix 1 part CLR with 1 part water in a ziploc bag, and then tie that to the old shower head with a stretched out ponytail holder that I found on the bathroom counter.
  • Wait, try to unscrew,  think, "maybe I didn't submerge it long enough?", do it again, try to unscrew, realize I'm a weakling and finally ask the neighbor to try it for me.
  • Neighbor successfully unscrews the old shower head and I am finally able to install the new shower head two and a half hours after I started this project.
  • Admire the sparkling water which is not leaking and eagerly await shower time.
  • Clean up the mess I made in the bathroom.

That was an ordeal.
I have already taken a shower, and I do admit that it is much nicer.
 However, two problems.
One, I'm too short to adjust the spray setting without standing on my tippy toes and getting water in my eyes, and generally feeling naked and  awkward, so it will probably stay on one setting. 
Two, I did not use the wrench to install this, and maybe I should have, since my awkward spray adjusting seemed to turn the actual shower head as well as the setting adjuster.

And now that I've written "screw" and "shower" and "head" about fifty times in this post, I'll add "bed" to the mix by saying,
"Sweet Dreams! Time for Bed!" 


syllatham said...

Haha!!! Loved the post and I seem to have a ritual of putting in a new shower head in at any new place I live in. And yeah, you probably need to use the wrench to get it really tight. :)

Brandi said...

I will have to do that! And maybe amend my post to borrow that step stool again to do it!

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