Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Solution to the Garden Flag

Solution to the Garden Flag

Well, I never did get any good suggestions for a non-lame garden flag and I never found one I liked, so I decided to take it upon myself to sew my own.
Now, I'll have you know that this was a project I did not spend much time on, partly because I expected to mess it up terribly.

First, find some fabric you like and take down your old flag and lay it on the floor in front of a sunny window. I found some outdoor fabric in a pretty pattern by Dwell Studio at our local Hancock Fabrics.  It was 50% off, and I purchased a half yard, and I think I paid roughly $4.50.  Fold it in half so you only have to make one cut and use your old flag as a sort of template.

Now, carefully plan your next steps.
Think, "Hey!  I should take a picture first!" but then have a pretty Cocker Spaniel foil your flag-documenting-fun.

Say, "Screw all this documenting...I'm sitting on the Sofa so Sasha can't sit on my work" then don't take any more pictures till its finished.
Basically, what I did was sew the two wrong sides of the fabric together, flip it inside out, then sew a little rod pocket type thing by hand.  My hand sewing is not so very good...but I find it more relaxing than sitting at my sewing machine.

Last, but not least, hang your new flag outside and when your neighbors say, "Aw! You got a new flag!", proudly answer them that you made it yourself(and hope they don't look at the stitching).


Meg said...

Great fabric! Looks very summery out there. No one will notice your sewing, you did a great job!


Brandi said...

Thanks Meg! It wasn't what I first had in mind, but it definitly fits my front yard!

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