Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scenes From A Guest Bear Visit

Scenes From A Guest Bear Visit

A friend of mine's family took a little eight day vacation to Mexico last week, and I was the lucky girl to watch their English Pointer, Herbie.  He has been known not to eat when his family is out of town but that was no problem at Casa de Brandi.  I was a little worried about his tail knocking things over, but only one picture frame was a victim(and it wasn't even hurt!).  Sasha Bear kept her floozy past in the past(she is fixed, but she still likes boys) and there was an issue with who slept where, but overall, they all got along, and I would be happy to watch Herbie(whom I started calling "Herbacious") again.  Besides, he reminds me of Sherry's white ceramic dog, may he rest in peace.  




Lately, I have:
purchased a carry-on piece of luggage
(Anne Klein Jetsetter Collection, just so you know)

And am trying very hard to make five days worth of clothing fit inside so I don't have to check a bag. 

Wish me luck.
And wish that the tropical depression in the Atlantic takes some prozac and doesn't ruin my trip.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"I bought this dress because..."

"I bought this dress because..."

I was at TJ Maxx looking for luggage, and the pattern jumped out at me.  I think it helps disguise my foot tanline.

The colors remind me of both Thanksgiving and India.
I can wear it with my favorite thrifted necklace and it brings out my eyes.
PS- Blue eyed people ar the

This dress is incredibly breezy and comfortable, and would look really cute if I was pregnant. 
Which I am NOT.
However, one of our student workers in my office is.
Congratulations to her!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Canvas Collection

Canvas Collection

Design Sponge
Oh happy day!
My collection of brown and canvas colored accessories has just grown bigger!
You see,
I already own this Coldwater Creek bag(via Goodwill!) and have owned three or four similar ones over the years, such as the Target one seen in this photograph circa 2006.

image via ebay
Wow, thats a throwback.

as well as these shoes, via Payless, circa 2007(which are one of my favorites.  I just need to get the heel fixed).  Jeez, I sound like I haven't gone shopping in four years. 

image via kostiletto
And now I'm the proud owner of these new flats from Target.

Originally $19.99, but they just went on sale, at my store for $13.98...or was it $13.48...oh who knows?
Do you see a trend?
Do you think I want this luggage too?
Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle?
image via styleceo

Friday, July 15, 2011



French By Design
  • 4:07 pm
  • One of the longest days at work, ever.
  • Frustrated and annoyed.
  • Had a good Turkey and Brie Wrap for lunch though.
  • The guy at Roly Poly knows me.
  • I need to go buy energy gels for my ten mile run.
  • I don't know if I'm going to go on Saturday morning or Sunday morning.
  • Frustrated with that.
  • Have to work my second job both nights.
  • I'm a little excited about can be fun!
  • Not excited about getting home late then having to get up early to run.
  • I feel exhausted already and I haven't even done anything.
  • Thinking I might run tomrrow.
  • Still not sure.
  • My Bears will miss me.
  • Its one of those weeks where you just don't feel like there's enough time with those you want to be with.
  • Bah.
  • July is half way over and August cannot get here soon enough.
  • I cannot wait til my vacation.
  • Good friends and pretty beaches and some whiskey and chicken.
  • Hurry up August.
  • Or Hurry up NEXT Saturday.
  • 4:18pm

Three Loves on a Friday

Three Loves on a Friday

  • Seafoam Green & Grey Nails(both are Sally Hansen, Mint Julep & Wet Cement)

photo via Recipe Girl
  • Homeade Iced Coffee(uh oh, I see my coffee addiction coming back) that I'll post my version of next week
Busy Being Fabulous
  • Running in the Rain, oh how I love it.  Smile.   

Thursday, July 14, 2011




Today, it is raining in the EBR, but I didn't find out until 10:30 am when a customer walked in
with an umbrella...
its lovely not having a window.
One day I will.
Either way, Gussy Sews has this cute little program going on called Inspiration Thursdays, where she gives a prompt and we(the bloggers) run with it.
Well, I sort of forgot to e-mail her to sign up first, so I hope she doesn't mind my blog crashing.
(I'm e-mailing in just a minute, promise!)
Anyways, her prompt was the word "sunshine".
What do I think of when I hear the word "sunshine"?
I think of Springtime
(not Summer...Summer is too damn hot here).

I think of picnics where you drink water with lemon out of wine glasses on a blanket.

I think of sitting on the steps of my ugly state building looking at the river while drinking a fountain diet coke at lunchtime last year.

I think of Spring Break Parts 1-4, which then makes me think of Andre Champagne, Courtney Marie and beginnings of endings of relationships.

I think of sweating(cause thats what sunshine inevitably makes me do, especially in Progresso, Mexico) and nautical clothing, and tanlines.

 I think of my $50.00 phone bill, and the ocean and vacations.
Its kind of a dreary day here, and I'm not in the best of moods, but focusing on something nice has made me feel a little better.  
Maybe I should do this everytime I'm a little unhappy.
Thanks Gussy, I'm linking up!

Inspiration Workshop

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Reading, Part Two

Summer Reading, Part Two

The next book I have finished reading was "Ms. Moffett's First Year" by Abby Goodnough.  In fact, I just finished this last night after I had a bad dream and couldn't fall back asleep.
As many of you know, I feel a certain draw to teaching little kids, but have no knowledge or experience with it, so instead I choose to read books about it until one day I decide to go for it. 
This book followed a middle age woman making a career change from law office administration to first grade teacher via an new alternative certification program(Teaching Fellows), in Brooklyn, New York.  This program placed her in a failing school and a classroom full of students with various problems, and this book shows some of her trials and frustrations as well as gives insight into the problems which plagued the Department of Education in New York around the early 2000s.
I checked this book out from the library at the same time I checked out Waiting to Forget, and read a few pages of each.  I found myself more intrigued by Waiting to Forget, but after finishing it, I knew I had to read this one.
It was a serious, yet breezy read, and I have to admit, I was a little sad when it was over.   

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who Is She

Who Is She?

This is how a co-worker of mine described me to a friend.  I have met this friend quite a while ago, and they couldn't place me.  This is the description:

"You have seen her.  She went to work in 2008.  She is a LSU grad , who works for Bobby &  Ann (Mommy Me).   Mini Me is her work nickname thought of by Rodney.  She stands 5 feet , maybe, and is petite in frame.  Her hairdo on days looks as if a bird became caught in it. "

Fantastic.  A bird.  I rather like messy-hair-Brandi, if I do say so myself! 

Friday, July 8, 2011

"Promise Me That You'll Be Standing Up Straight..."

"Promise Me
That You'll Be Standing Up Straight 
Chasing Rivers and Shadows and Time"

Green Wedding Shoes

  • 2:33 pm
  • First "Friday Thoughts" in a while.
  • I'm wearing the dress I wore to Holly's Bridal Shower, that I originally bought to tailgate in circa 2008.
  • I'm also wearing gold sandals(not flip flops...they're metallic).
  • I'm not trying to, but I'm supporting my deal Alma Mater.
  • I really really really dislike things that are purple and Christmas Trees and dinnerware and various other things people buy because it looks like "LSU" stuff.
  • My bedroom is lavender and I have that nifty yellow nightstand, and I really hope no one thinks its for that reason.
  • I'll have a lavender bedroom until A.) I paint my bedroom gray like the rest of my house or B.) I share my bedroom with a boy.
  • Gray is my favorite color.
  • I'm 15 years late on being smitten with the Counting Crows.
  • 15 years is longer than 10 years.
  • My oh my, thats a long time.
  • My oh my, my 10 year high school reunion is in two years.
  • "Time flies!"
  • Especially when you're having fun.
  • Ain't that the truth!
  • 2:39 pm
PS - less than a month until i'm in the SXM.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 7-7-11

Happy 7-7-11
Happy 7-7-11!
You know...that kinda sounds like Happy 7-11...
Like...Happy Gas Station?
Oh, who am I kidding.
We don't even have 7-11's down here.
You're in Circle K/Shell Station country in the EBR.
Its okay, I don't feel like I'm missing out on a Slurpee.
That just sounds gross.
Onamatopeia at its worst.
But remember Slush Puppies? least in 3rd grade Yum.
So, my blogpost was interrupted by curiosity and apparently, according to Wikipedia, a slurpee is an icee!
Well...that just burst my bubble.
Anyways, the whole point of this rambling post is to share some photographs I took on the Fourth of July around Arsenal Park in Baton Rouge.
Mind you, I drive by this park at least twice a day, and have worked very near it for three years, and this was the first time I had ever really explored it. 
Maybe I should've posted these rather than my snowball as a "Happy Fourth of July!" message, but honestly, the snowball tasted better. 
So, without further adieu, Arsenal Park!

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