Friday, June 24, 2011



Sweet Retirement is far far away for me, but just around the corner for my boss, Mr. Charlie, who has been with my office for 25 years, and with the State for 28. 
To think,
I was born the same year he started working here.
Thursday, we gave him an in-office party with decorations, punch, cake, cookies, veggies, and coffee. 
I will admit, that I did not do very much in terms of helping prepare for the party, but I did contribute two touches.
I made printable food labels and made a "Congratulations" bunting. 

For the food labels, I found some printable pantry labels on How About Orange that were originally published by Just Something I Made.  Basically, I printed the labels out, then glued them to cardstock, cut them out, and folded them so they would stand up.  Why not just print them on cardstock? 
Well, the only cardstock I had was a sort of confetti-print so I just used it for the background and stability.

Now...this bunting...
I am way too proud of myself for this, considering all I did was print out the letters, glue them to cardstock, cut them out and hot glue them to ribbon. 
I found the letters on ...It's Simple Love... and they are originally by Two Brunettes.  I'm only one brunette, in an outfit similar to a box of highlighters(which I looove!) and I managed to do just fine.
We had beautiful tablescapes by, and personal touches abound.  Charlie is a professional surveyor and weekend golfer as well as our faithful leader, so we tried to incorporate him as much as possible.

Clearly, I'm no professional surveyor, but I work with a few of them.


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