Monday, June 20, 2011

My Search For A Non-Lame Garden Flag

My Search For A Non-Lame Garden Flag

this is not it.

Hello friends!
I'm on a blogging roll!
This past weekend, when I was running errands all over creation, one thing on my list was a new garden flag.  The smallish ones, because, as you remember, my house is not big.

old photo.  now I've got fleurs in the front!
Not big.
As we all know, I'm anything but ordinary and my old flag is feeling a little worn and suburban for my colorful self.  It was one of my first purchases when I started my journey of home-ownership but I feel like it doesn't really fit my personality.

I've looked at Target, Pier 1, various party stores and Hobby Lobby.  No luck.  Saturday, I decided to look at World Market.  While I found no garden flags, I saw a slew of other things I wouldn't mind having if money weren't an option.

Hmmm...I'm a little surprised there is nothing coral in that mix of yellow, gray and white.
No matter.
I then searched etsy and came up dry once more.
I'm tempted to buy some outdoor fabric in a pretty pattern similar to those I saw at World Market and make my own...but if anyone has any suggestions as to where else to look, please let me know!
The search continues. 

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